In 2013, Masaba Gupta made her designer debut with a collection featuring her soon to be iconic lipstick print. 4 years later, she launched a collection of lip colours in association with Lakmé. Team BB was present at the launch of ‘Masaba Lips’ lip colours range last evening…


The ‘Candyland’ theme set the tone for the event and the delectable décor absolutely blew us away!

masabas lipstick

Toffee themed entry stamps, bowls full of candy, carts full of macaroons and a cake topped off with lollipops—it was something straight out of Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ video!

masaba lip range

The sugary theme was perfectly in keeping with the Masaba Lips range. Inspired by popular sweets and chocolates from the 90s, there was a station dedicated to each of them.

lakme masabas lipstick

Not very fitting for those of us on diets, there were cups of hot chocolate, caramel cupcakes, cola candies and bubble-gum around every corner. This meant pigging out on candy while trying lipsticks at every station was only an added bonus.

lakme masabas lipstick packaging

“The packaging is inspired by candy that we’ve all grown up with. It’s an on-trend line of pop colours that reflect my aesthetic mixed with that of Lakmé’s,” says Masaba.

masabas association with lakmé

Masaba’s association with Lakmé marked a first of its kind collaboration for the cosmetic giant. The Lakmé Absolute Masaba Lips range consists of 10 stunning shades with a soft matte finish and 5 different packaging options that have Masaba’s signature prints. Each duo is inspired by a different 90’s candy like Mango Bite, Big Babool and Rola Cola. So if you ever miss the nostalgia of the era, Masaba Lips will take you back in a jiffy!