Lakmé’s Pro Stylist Studio, the beauty giant’s flagship beauty studio located in Phoenix Mills, Mumbai is nothing short of paradise for makeup lovers. From all of Lakmé’s skincare and makeup products to salon services as well as quick makeovers, the studio can give you this and so much more. But more than anything else, it has the power to make you feel like a star—the illuminated mirrors à la fashion week, upside-down umbrellas for décor and a whole team of beauty experts at your disposal make this a place to be for every girl. Want to know more? Read on…

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Buy it all

This studio has sections dedicated to all of Lakmé’s ranges—the Youth Infinity range, the Sculpt range, the Gloss range and a lot more. So from vibrant lipsticks to face washes and eye pencils, this place has it all. There are so many interesting products that you absolutely cannot step out without filling up your makeup bag.

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Instant makeovers

Want to look like a star in a span of a few minutes? Let the experts at the Pro Stylist Studio take over. From smoky eyes to chic hairdos, you can just walk into the store and embrace the new you right after they work their magic on you, and that too at an affordable price. Oh, and the studio also has a special place dedicated to nails for nail-art lovers! That’s not all—it also provides you with salon services like express clean-ups, facials and waxing. So hurry and head over to this haven for a beauty dream come true.

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Boost your beauty knowledge

This makeup studio has skilled experts who will take complete care of you, walk you through the studio and also impart beauty knowledge to you. They’ll talk skincare, they’ll talk beauty essentials and they’ll help you pick just what’s right for you. If you ask us, we’ve never been pampered more on our visit to a store/salon. So hit this studio not just to buy products but also to get an insight into the world of beauty.