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If there’s one thing that’s become a talking point amongst everyone, it is Lakmé’s Kareena Kapoor Khan sculpture. A piece of art that leaves you awestruck, this sculpture at Ambience Mall in Delhi, is nothing short of a masterpiece. Created by notable Sculptor, Hemant Sonawane, this sculpture denotes everything that the brand’s latest range, Sculpt stands for—high definition makeup, chiselled faces and contouring.

The final stroke on the sculpture included the application of the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick in Plum Spell that took Bebo’s sculpture to a whole new level! And we’ve got to say, there couldn’t be a better celebration of beauty and art.

Here’s more on why this video makes Sculpt such a powerful tool in the beauty game.

The amalgamation of art and beauty

If you’re one who understands art, you would agree that creating a sculpture involves making a cast and then working on its dimensions. The sculptor contours the face and makes it look sharp. Similarly, Lakmé’s range of Sculpt gives the face a chiselled look and accentuates your features in a way that makes you stand out – the same thing that a sculptor would do to his creation.

The journey of Sculpt so far

Sculpt as a makeup trend has been dominant on the international beauty scene for a while. India has been a country that celebrates beauty and instantly warms up to every makeup trend that comes by. However, the idea of chiseled visages and the art of contouring was still a vague concept here in India. Since the sculpted look had already gained momentum in the West, the beauty moguls at Lakmé realised that this was a trend that the Indian market could truly lap up to. It was with this idea that Lakmé introduced Sculpt to the country, that too at its most prestigious event, Lakmé Fashion Week where models sashayed down the ramp with contoured faces, high cheek bones and perfect pouts thus displaying how this range could completely transform one’s face. It was with this range that the brand launched high definition lipsticks that help us all get that perfect pout – something that is evident in the Kareena Kapoor Khan sculpture.