While we love our makeup kits to the moon and back, if there’s one thing we believe in strongly it is to embrace our natural beauty. Accounting for every little imperfection that makes us more unique only strengthens our belief, so you can imagine our joy when a beauty trend arrived which did just that…

makeup trend rainbow freckles

Rainbow freckles might be taking over the beauty sphere, one colourful dot at a time but the appearance of fake or ‘drawn on’ freckles was first spotted a few months ago. The first instance of the fake freckle was spotted, quite literally, on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram where she sported the spots on her nose and cheeks.

makeup tips rainbow freckles

Rainbow freckles are a tad different though. As the name suggests, the trend is about freckles being drawn all over the facial region in various colours of the rainbow in order to create a striking style statement. We’re all aboard the trend for many reasons because not only does it add a tinge of colour to your face but it also allows you to empower yourself by making you love every aspect of your body. The popularity of the trend isn’t just soaring all over social media but has, in fact, even spawned a makeup product to help you achieve the look.

makeup guide rainbow freckles

So if you’re looking to add a bit of colour with the rainbow freckle trend, here’s how you can get on board with it.

Take the Lakmé Shine Line Eyeliners from the new Illuminate range in any of the three shades—Sparkling Olive, Shimmer Bronze and Liquid Gold—and begin to make spots. Stick to a small circle for each spot so that the colour doesn’t overpower the face and do not press it too hard in order to prevent excess pigmentation. Concentrate the spots on your nose and cheek area. Then take the tip of your fingers and lightly dab down on each spot to mellow out the colour without smudging it. And there you have it, rainbow freckles to brighten up your face!

Image Credits: Instagram