If like us, you’ve always believed that dull nails are downright boring, there’s good news for you. The latest beauty trend on the circuit is nail jewellery! Well, these are just gold and sterling silver plated stickers that make your nails stand out and help you create a style statement. Want to know more about this trend? Here are the deets!
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What is it?

It was first started by AlleyCat Jewelry’s Carley Stadelmann who wanted to devise a creative and stylish way of reducing nail breakage. That’s when she came up with nail accessories in the form of handmade jewellery. These are basically gold and silver plated decals that are stuck to your nails making them look absolutely stunning. They not only help breakage and deter you from biting your nails but also add drama to your look. The trend may have taken off in the West but it sure is slowly gaining momentum to other parts of the world.

How it’s done

This jewellery can be worked on any kind of nails – natural or artificial. You must remember to apply a thick top coat as that will help your nails hold the jewellery for 24 hours. If you wish to make it stay put for a week or so, rely on nail glue. Once your nail expert applies the adhesive that’ll help your jewellery stay, you can place the jewels on the nails and follow it up by shaping the nails if need be. You can use tweezers to remove the jewellery but make sure you wash off with a gentle cleanser so there’s no glue residue left behind. Embellished nails, here we come!