A makeup mogul in India, Kapil Bhalla is the reason behind some of the most beautiful faces at this year’s Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015. From working on some of the biggest Bollywood faces to transforming supermodels who scorch the runway, Bhalla is known for working his makeup magic on different faces. We caught up with the makeup maven to tell us about the looks we’re going to witness on the ramp and the beauty trends that are doing the rounds. Read on.
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Be BEAUTIFUL: What’s the trend taking the beauty world by storm right now?

Kapil Bhalla: I think makeup trends keep coming back. If you ask me, dark eyes are back again in a big way but with a lot of texture. So you’ll see a lot of metallic eyes on the runway. Gold, again, is making a big presence on the beauty scene. These are trends that will actually never go away because they work wonderfully every single time.

BB: The focus this Fashion Week is on bold pouts, what with us being introduced to the brand’s newest range, the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts. What do you think of these vibrant shades of lipsticks?

KB: I think this range has beautiful lip colours with amazing textures. Also, what needs to be mentioned is that these lip colours are on par with the international market. So I think it’s great that we’re bringing on these bright, poppy colours and making a statement with them.

BB: The one shade of lip colour that works like magic on the runway…

KB: It has to be coral! Our skin adheres to coral really well. Whether it’s dusky or wheatish or fair, coral just takes on beautifully on every skin tone.

BB: Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend because…

KB: Well, they’re a huge thing on the beauty scene right now. You have to understand that a lot of women who don’t know the ABC of makeup will still wear lipstick. So it’s one of the most widely sold makeup products. Besides, lipstick just brightens everything.

BB: Who is the one actor you love working on?

KB: Oh without a doubt, it’s Kareena Kapoor Khan! I’ve worked with her over the years and she really inspires me. She’s one of those people you feel so scared to even put makeup on because she’s so stunning and beautiful.

BB: Since you’re a veteran when it comes to bridal makeup, what’s the makeup rule one must follow while working on a bride?

KB: You know, nowadays brides have become very selective—exactly why they hire professional artists to do their makeup. I personally feel that brides should look like themselves at their wedding. They should only be enhanced to look more beautiful. They shouldn’t be caked up in terms of makeup. I feel that’s the one rule makeup artists need to follow while working on a bride.