Makeup artists, Youtubers and the beauty community in general has been obsessed with the eye area—we’ve seen it with eyebrow trends and eyeliner trends thus far, so it was no surprise to us that the latest trend focussed on lashes.

Enter: Mermaid Lashes, a trend that’s raging on Instagram and probably will make it to one of 2017s most popular beauty trends!

Mermaid Lashes extension

Mermaid lashes are just another extension of the mermaid hair and mermaid makeup.

We know what you’re thinking? How much time do people actually have to dye their lashes the colours of the rainbow, right? Wrong!

Thankfully, mermaid lashes don’t involve any colouring. Instead, they’re actually multi-coloured falsies that you merely use as an addition on your natural lashes to create an ombré effect.

Mermaid Lashes look

However, since these colourful lashes may not be available everywhere you can even try a simple hack and colour the tips of your lashes using a coloured mascara like the Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara in Royal Blue.

Alternately, you could also hunt for lashes in a single colour, cut them and then apply them only to the outer ends of your lash line to create the desired ombré look based on your skin tone and the colour you want to wear.

Image credits: Lashoutlashes’ Instagram