Besides painting pouts rouge and highlighting cheekbones, makeup has a way of making a statement. Beauty revolutions like the power of makeup and clown contouring are proof of that. Another such movement is metallic freckles. While they sparkle on the surface, this is more than just a pretty trend.

metallic freckle makeup

Blemishes on the face have always given people reason to cover and conceal their imperfections. The birth of metallic freckles has made that history. While many disguise their freckles under layers of concealer, this glittery makeup trend showcases them in all their spotted beauty. However, this isn’t phase 1 of the freckle takeover because this trend has showcased itself in a rainbow avatar before.

metallic freckle makeup look

With miniscule metallic dots over the nose and inner cheek area, the metallic freckle makeup trend is changing the notion that freckles need to be covered up. While being flaunted in all their glory, even non-freckled females are donning these sparkly spots with pride. Within days of it surfacing, the makeup trend became a craze amongst social media stars and their followers.

metallic freckle trend

Besides celebrating beauty in all its forms, the metallic freckles trend also lends a gypsy vibe to a summer dress and fringed jacket. You too can try it at home by simply dotting metallic liquid liner over the bridge of your nose and cheeks for a playful touch. While the sparkly spots definitely aren’t a beauty look to wear to the office, they can give your next music festival makeup look a bit of spunk.

Image Credits: Mr Kate, Topshop, Popsugar, Fan bread