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Written by Team BBOct 08, 2018
It goes without saying that we’ve been obsessed with brows for a while now. Power brows, tapered brows, tattooed brows, wavy brows and microblading—it kinda seems like in the last two years, we could have invented a whole new directory as far as eyebrows go! And if you were under the impression that it couldn’t go any further, you’ll be surprised to know that microfeathering, a version of microblading, is the new trend all the A-listers are trying. Here’s everything you need to know about it before it takes over your Insta feed…

What is it?

Micro feathering brow grooming process

Microfeathering is a new brow grooming technique started by Kristie Streicher whose outcome is fuller, bushier, natural brows.

According to her website, the microfeathering process involves ‘depositing pigment superficially into the epidermis of the eyebrow’ and then ‘depositing it into the incisions to create incredibly natural appearing eyebrow hair.’


Where did it start?

Micro feathering brow grooming process

The trend was started by LA based beautician Kristie Streicher of ‘The Feathered Brow’ who’s the craftsperson behind some of Hollywood’s most famous brows—Adele, Mandy Moore and even Gwyneth Paltrow.

How is it done?

Since microfeathering is all about creating a natural look, Streicher insists that her clients stash their tweezers and grow their brows for a couple of months.
If you’ve been tweezing and doing your eyebrows since forever, this could even take a year.

Micro feathering brow grooming process

Next, Streicher takes a hard look at the natural shape of the brow and its growth.
Once she’s got that figured out, she begins the actual process of microfeathering that involves adding a few tiny hair strokes in the brow where required to create a natural and full looking eyebrow.

While microblading too uses the same technique, Streicher feels that it can often lead to a very neat looking brow which can turn out to have the same arch and shape for everyone who gets it done. Microfeathering on the other hand improvises on the native shape of one’s own brows thus making it distinctive and less artificial looking!

Image Credits: Kristie Streicher’s Instagram

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