As morbid as it sounds, the new nail nail trend on the block is a far cry from its creepy name. One of the earliest trends of 2016, the coffin nail trend already making waves. Spotted on the youngest yet trendiest of the Kardashian klan, we first sighted this trend on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page.

nail art trend alert coffin nails

Unlike our regular nails shapes of rounded, sqoval and almond, what sets apart coffin nails is its vague shape. Long and tapered at the top with a flat tip, the trend gets its name from a coffin, the shape which it borrows from. The flat tip of coffin nails distinguishes itself from stiletto nails, which ends with a deadly sharp point.

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In order to nail the trend, most of the energy lies in growing out your nails till it is of a considerable length to taper with a flat end. Another option is to apply acrylic nails and shape them in place. If you choose the natural option, make sure you take special care of your nails. While you are in the process of growing them, make sure to strengthen your nail bed with a base coat and cuticle oil. Once your nails have reached a considerable length, file them in a tapered fashion until the top and then shape it flat at the nail tip.

latest nail art trend coffin nails

Considering the large space on the nail bed, coffin nails are best worn with various decals, rhinestones and embellishments. Even in a solid shade, the nail trend looks good in a glossy or matte finish. And if you’re a classic kind of girl, you can always opt for a neat nude shade that says sophisticated yet trendy.

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