5 Fun And Non-Boring Orange And Green Eye Makeup Looks To Flaunt On Independence Day

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 fun and non-boring orange and green eye makeup looks to flaunt on Independence Day

When it comes to holiday-themed makeup, our top choices include Christmas and Holi. The glittery, glossy red makeup looks brighten cold December months and Holi gives us the free pass to play with the colours (quite literally) in our makeup kit unabashedly. But turns out, there is yet another holiday that technically doesn’t scream ‘makeup inspo’ but does remind you of a certain unique colour combination you can try — orange and green eye makeup look,

Now, since desis associate this colour combination with the national flag so distinctly, a simple orange and green eye can be too on the nose. Which is why we found trendy and chic ways to do this colour combo — without being too obvious about it!


Mismatched glam

Autumn tones

Image courtesy: @briajohnny

One way to safely do orange and green eyeshadow is to do a mismatched eye look — which btw is trending hard RN. This takes the pressure off if you’re still learning to up your eye makeup skills and haven’t played with such bold shades before.


Graphic neon

Autumn tones

Image courtesy: @margiezank

The neon fashion and beauty trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Use this to your advantage and create fun and bold eye makeup looks this Independence Day. Use one of the colours as a shock shadow base and the other to create graphic designs around it.


Striking glitter

Autumn tones

Image courtesy: @angela_cuneo

When we say that orange and green colour combo is striking — this is what we mean! Swipe on shades of tangerine, pear and cherries and top it off with glitter and eyeliner to add drama to your eyeshadow game.


Citrus and lime

Autumn tones

Image courtesy: @laumakeupx

Pigmented variations of orange and green — like this citrusy and lime colour combo — is also a good way to do the look. Test your eyeshadow blending prowess with this cute and clean look!


Autumn tones

Autumn tones

Image courtesy: @_makeupbyjemma_

Orange and green are not just colours on the Indian flag, they are also lovely autumnal tones. Get started on seasonal makeup looks early with this rich burnt orange and sage green eye makeup look!

Main image courtesy: @margiezank

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