Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Polyglutamic Acid And Foundation Hack

Written by Urvi ShahJul 14, 2022
 Everything you need to know about the viral polyglutamic acid and foundation hack

TikTok is back with yet another skincare-meets-makeup hack, and it involves mixing your foundation with one of the buzziest skin-loving ingredients out there. The platform has introduced us to countless hacks that strip back the number of makeup products we slap onto our faces and substitute them with skincare ingredients. Here's what you need to know about the newest trend going around on the app.


A new skincare ingredient? What is it?

Why combine it with foundation?

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If you haven't heard of polyglutamic acid yet—it has garnered a total of 5 million views on the platform—it's time to acquaint yourself with the ingredient RN.

A lot of creators on TikTok have showcased transformative results by combining their foundation with polyglutamic acid—an ingredient that is four times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid. Yup. That puts it into perspective, doesn't it? The end result is a dewy, radiant base that your foundation alone cannot rival.


But what is polyglutamic acid?

Why combine it with foundation?

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While hyaluronic acid has gained a lot of clout for its moisturising abilities, its counterpart, as evidenced by science, is said to moisturise your skin four times more than normal. A peptide that is found in our cells, this acid locks water into the layers of our skin, which allows our skin to retain water in the dermis for hydration and plumpness. It is a humectant that doesn't just draw moisture into your skin but keeps it there too. Not only that. It is regarded as a 'universal happy chemical', so you can reap the benefits of the ingredients regardless of your age, race, gender, and skin concerns.


Why combine it with foundation?

Why combine it with foundation?

When you're increasing the water content of your epidermis, you're enabling your liquid foundation to glide onto your skin more seamlessly for a dewy finish. And the fact that it hydrates, plumps, and boosts the elasticity of your skin just makes it the perfect pair-up. You can use the smudge-free, water-resistant Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation to perfect this hack!

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