5 Bold Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For Pride Month

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 bold makeup looks that are perfect for Pride Month

It is pride month and our Insta-feeds have been blessed with rainbow-coloured tresses, glittery garments and confetti eyeshadows that are super cute! As far as beauty trends go, Pride makeup is mostly about creating a rainbow eye makeup look that’s bold and OTT. And while that in itself is a whole mood, there’s no harm in trying something different. Here are some bold Pride makeup looks that are more than just about #RainbowEyeshadow!


01. Dewy glam

05. Blush and flush

Image courtesy: @shwetabhintade

Just because you’re working with a lot of colours, doesn't mean you have to go matte always. A mismatched rainbow eye makeup look can be updated with a dewy and sultry finish by adding highlighter in just the right places. The inner corner of your eyes, below the brow bone, over the apples of your cheeks, the tip of your nose and jawline!

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02. Freckled wonder

05. Blush and flush

image courtesy: @jharnabhagwani

Faux freckles are a fun quirky detail you can add to any of your makeup looks. Instead of using brown of black, draw your pride freckles with rainbow colours. This look is fun, bold and oh-so-different. We love!

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03. Minimal glitter

05. Blush and flush

Image courtesy: @makeup_bysophh

When doing Pride makeup, the focus should fall on the colours and pigments used. To update it just a bit, use glitter makeup, or loose glitter to highlight your features. Focus on your eyes, cheeks and maybe finish with a glossy lip for added effect.


04. ‘V’ for violet

05. Blush and flush

Image courtesy: @victorialyn

Did you know that each colour on the Pride flag has assigned meaning to it? Instead of going full rainbow, you can pick one loud shade and work with it. From the eyes to lips to a mild cheek tint, pick the colour the best appeals to your and have fun with it. FYI, violet represents spirit!


05. Blush and flush

05. Blush and flush

Image courtesy: kikiqutii

Pick the lighter colours from the pride flag and use it to give your face a natural flush. You can go over your nose, cheeks and temples with some rouge. You can also add dimensions to the makeup with a bubble eyeshadow, dots or any kind of diamante. But make sure your focus lies on the centre of your face for maximum effect!

Main image courtesy: @jharnabhagwani

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