Psychedelic Nail Art Is Trending Rn — Here’s How To Recreate This Trend At Home

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Psychedelic nail art is trending RN — here’s how to recreate this trend at home

Trends from the past are making a huge comeback, and beauty enthusiasts just can’t get enough. From doing your eye makeup like the mid-60s or mid-70s icon to sporting brown lipstick like a 90s supermodel, it’s all about nostalgia these days. And it’s not just the makeup; we see these trends taking over the manicure scene as well. The popular 60s Psychedelic nail art trend is taking over Instagram and how. Designs are created by painting swirls in bright colours to mimic the artwork, music video vibe, and lava lamps used as tasteful decor.


Then vs Now

How to recreate psychedelic nails

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The traditional psychedelic designs usually consisted of shades of yellow, green and other natural colours to begin with. But the current trends are more accepting of different kinds of bursting-with-colour-swirls. You can either go for a rainbow-themed swirl or pick different shades of the same colour — the key is to use bright and glossy colour. Gel lacquers like the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color will be a good pick to create this fun design!


Why are psychedelic nails gaining popularity?

How to recreate psychedelic nails

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The reason behind the popularity of this trend now is the versatility of the art. Whether you are spotting, clean, trimmed nails or experimenting with acrylics that go on for miles, psychedelic swirls can be created on both. Starting with a buffed and polished base, the designs can either be a continuing swirl running through your nails or just placed on an accent finger — you will be spoilt for options here!


How to recreate psychedelic nails

How to recreate psychedelic nails

Image courtesy: @thenailroommanchester


It is not just pigments that you can mix and match; you can also play around with the finish of the polish. Pair a matte finish with a glittery one to make the manicure your own. You can use different colours like pastels, metallics or neons, and play around with the placements — the options are endless. All you need are your favourite pigments, slim nail brushes and a steady hand to create the most beautiful swirls your besties (or Instagram followers) have ever seen!

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