The world of beauty finds inspiration in many places, some of which might be slightly strange. Sometimes multi-hued rainbows and trending celebrities fit the bill, other times it is in magical unicorns and mythical mermaids. The latest beauty trend on the block finds its muse in the mineral, rose quartz. Didn’t we say inspiration was a funny thing?

quartz nail trend

Nail art known as quartz nails are being spotted all over the place as girly marbleised nails holding ice-cream cones and typing on keyboards are doing the rounds on Instagram. The most popular variant of this trend is rose quartz nails which consist of a pink tinted base polish with delicate grey and white veins running through it. Since quartz nail art looks stunning on both long and short nails while lending neutral shades a sophisticated touch, it’s no wonder the trend is so popular.

quartz nail art

While geodes have inspired makeup trends by the dozen, it’s about time its dainty cousin, the crystal , shone too! While rose quartz is a popular crystal in wellness circles for its soothing and de-stressing powers, it finds itself as beauty inspiration for the very first time. It was Instagram’s hip beauty community that first caught hold of the trend and popularised the nail art design. Not only did they provide many rosy nail art pictures to double tap on, they made it simple with tutorials too.

get quartz nail art

If you’d like to get quartz nails for yourself, start by painting your nails with two coats of peach nail polish. Then dip a thin paintbrush into a solution of half parts water and half parts white nail polish. Paint streaks of this solution vertically over the nail bed to give it a translucent appearance. Let it dry and buff the nail. Continue to apply streaks in areas which haven’t been covered to build the veins in the nail art design. After it has dried, finish off with a clear top coat.

Image Credits: Pinterest, Bored Panda, Xian Pipa, Hearst