How To Wear A Red Smokey Eye Like It’s Nbd

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
How to wear a red smokey eye like it’s NBD

Red screams bold, be it on the lips or eyes. PERIOD! Including this bright hue in your makeup can make you look OTT. But, isn’t makeup all about playing with colours and having fun?

Well, forget browns and corals, it’s time to flaunt a statement red smokey eye. Yes, you read that right! Ever imagined wearing a red eyeshadow? Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with hues you never thought could look oh-so-glamorous.

The red smokey eye trend is only getting its due now, thanks to celebrities and runway models. And no, it’s not just about packing a red eyeshadow pigment onto your lids. You have all the liberty to be creative. Go for a gradient effect or mix two contrasting colours such as red and black together to add more oomph to your eye makeup.

Here are 5 ways to rock a red smokey eye like a true-blue diva.


Soft smokey

Glitter accents

If you’re a beginner who wants to go the extra mile, it’s best to start with a soft red smokey eye look because going all out may just get a little too overwhelming. Take a cue from the stunning Shraddha Kapoor and go over with a red eyeshadow pigment onto your upper lids. Use your ring finger to blend the eyeshadow to give it a softer effect. With a flat eyeshadow brush, apply the same colour onto your lower lids and smudge it for added drama. Line your waterline with a kajal and apply generous coats of mascara to finish the look.


Extended shadow play

Glitter accents

Another bold way to rock a red smokey look is by applying the colour onto your upper lids and extending the shadow towards the outer corner. Similarly, go over with the same shade onto your lower lids and meet the extended wing that you just created. Line your waterline with a kajal, apply a thin stroke of eyeliner close to your upper lash line and finish off with oodles of mascara. Sara Ali Khan shows you how to ace this trend like a boss!


Red glitter

Glitter accents

Apt for a cocktail evening or a glamorous night out with your girlfriends, this red smokey look is sure to make heads turn. If you’re a makeup maximalist, then go all out with a red glitter eyeshadow pigment. Prep your lids with a primer and then apply the pigment all over your upper lids. Reach for a black liquid liner and draw a sleek and sharp winged eyeliner that goes a little beyond your crease line. Finish off with falsies or mascara, whatever you’re comfortable with.


Red and black hybrid

Glitter accents

If you love being creative with makeup, then here’s a super chic way of wearing the red smokey eye trend. Start by applying a black eyeshadow and cover your entire lids with this hue up to your crease line. Create a sharp eyeshadow wing, like beauty blogger Debasree. Then, reach for a red eyeshadow pigment and apply it above your crease line just where the black shadow ends. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and apply generous coats of mascara.


Glitter accents

Glitter accents

Another uber cool way of wearing red smokey eye is to first go in with a red eyeshadow to cover your upper lids. Then, take a glitter liner in a golden hue and apply it as an eyeliner close to your upper lash line. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a highlighter and finish off your look with mascara. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go all out with a glitter pigment, then just use glitter accents on a powdery red eyeshadow.

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