5 Spooky Nail Art Ideas To Bring In The World Goth Day With...

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 Spooky nail art ideas to bring in the World Goth Day with...

Goth makeup lovers, rejoice! We have some good news in store for you. Now ladies, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to allow your Goth personality to resurface. This World Goth Day, you can just flaunt some spooky nail art designs that will bring out the Goth in you.

While coffin nails and stiletto nails are perfect to showcase your love for the gothic nail art designs. Below, we have curated some more Goth nail art designs that are chic and oh-so-wearable. So ladies, go ahead and unleash in inner Goth in you...


Mystical charms

Gothic prints

This is the perfect way to bring out the Goth nerd in you. The various Goth symbols in classic black and white colours are super simple to recreate and perfect to keep your dark spirit alive this World Goth Day.

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Oh Ombré

Gothic prints

No nail art list is ever complete without Ombré nails! From minimalist nail art designs to now Goth-inspired nails, Ombré is everywhere. The stiletto-shaped nails add a lot more character to this nail art.

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Spooky web

Gothic prints

For all you lovers of minimalist and DIY nail art designs, this spider web inspired look is perfect. The web in this design is super simple to recreate and perfectly exudes the creepy and dark vibe that is associated with Goth makeup.

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Bloody Mary

Gothic prints

Inspired by the supernatural figures like vampires, demons and ghosts, this nail art design is perfect for the Goth in you. The red and black nail polish colours look super edgy, ensuring that this design looks ultra-bold yet chic.

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Gothic prints

Gothic prints

This nail art design is the perfect amalgamation of spooky meets beauty. The printed design is extremely reminiscent of the childhood favourite horror book series, Goosebumps. Gothic yet classy, is the perfect way to define this nail art design.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

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