Stay Beautiful With Lrt—Try Nude Pink Nails This Winter

Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanSep 02, 2016
Winter has arrived, and so has the fashion world’s most fascinating time of the year. With layers of clothes to keep you warm and cosy, experimenting becomes fun during the winter. And then comes the trouble of investing in the best trend of the season. Look no further, coz we are telling you the simplest, chicest, and most affordable way to kick-start your fashion story this fall with NAIL PAINT!
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Yes, indeed! A little inclusion of colour to your nails can update your whole look without even harming much of your dollar collection. Winter 2014, along with bringing that cute little flush of pink to your apples, has brought a nail polish quite similar. Oh yes….we are drooling over the cutest and most minimal shade of the season – NUDE PINK.

This shade of nude is available in various undertones of pink, to match every possible skin tone. So versatile!

How to find the perfect shade?

Quite simple! All you have to do is try and match your skin tone or rather cuticles with the nail polish shade. If the shade is wrong, the cuticle will look weirdly red and if it is right, the shade will sync along with your skin tone.

Also, if you are particularly fond of the shade and it doesn’t match well on the first try, go a step further. The nude pink can work well if you apply a layer or two or maybe three. Go on, give it a shot.

How to wear it just right?

This beautiful understated look is all about translucency, femininity and delicacy. It gels well with your skin and blends like a chimera. Follow these steps to make this modest trend your best friend this winter.

1. Understand and coordinate with your undertones. If you’re fair, go for an absolute sheer nude pink colour. If you are on the warmer undertones, make sure your nude pink shade has hints of beige or brown to it.

2. Since the colour is sheer, it is very crucial to file and buff your nails to perfection. Unlike opaque nail colours, sheer nail polishes cannot hide your nail flaws.

3. Make sure you apply your nail polish in layers of very thin coats, one after the other and reach the level of perfect blend gradually. You would not want the nail paint to be opaque at some parts and translucent at the other.

The Best Part

This feminine shade of Nude Pink would match your entire wardrobe, and so you save yourself the effort of having to change your nail colour with every outfit!

Go nude (not literally, girls!). Just with your nails *wink*

Stay pink, Stay stylish…


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