A new year always brings with it new makeup trends. And, 2020 is no different! We are only in the second month of the year and there’s already a wave of trends doing the rounds. The latest makeup trend that has caught our attention is the use of stick-on gems or studs on the face.

While runway models are going all out with an OTT look where tiny diamond accents are placed all over their face strategically, celebrities like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja are keeping it a little toned down, making this trend look oh-so-wearable.

Sonam’s makeup artist Arti Nayar sticks tiny diamond studs just where the diva’s winged eyeliner ends. This little detailing adds so much oomph to her face makeup, we cannot even.

Makeup minimalists, you can take inspo from Sonam and go ahead with diamond studs, whereas, makeup maximalists can take cues from Lupita Nyong’o and experiment with colourful rhinestones.


How to get the look right?

How to get the look right?

If you want the diamond studs or rhinestones to stand out, then it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup subtle and minimal. One way to get this look right is to wear a matte base and finish off with a glossy lipstick; stick some studs on your upper lids for a dramatic effect. Another way to wear stick-on gems on your face is to go all out with classic smokey eyes and stick the studs on top of your brows. These accents can instantly take your makeup game a notch higher.

To make sure the diamond or rhinestone accents stay in place all day, cleanse the spot before going in with the studs. Take a cotton swab soaked in cleanser and clean the area neatly. You can then use your lash glue to stick these studs onto your face. Make sure you don’t use anything slippery or greasy on your face before going in with the face accents as that will prevent it from sticking.

Image courtesy: Instagram