Bb Trend Alert—Tape Contouring

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 28, 2016
BB Trend Alert—Tape Contouring
Behind the sculpted face of Kim Kardashian is the skill and dexterity of her main makeup artist, the talented Mario Dedivanovic. Mario is the force of beauty responsible for the reality star’s razor-sharp cheekbones which set in motion the contouring technique for celebrities, beauty bloggers and the girl next door.

tape contouring trend for your face

The contouring technique has spawned many imitations of the original contouring method like that of clown contouring and henna contouring with its differences lying in the method of application itself. One such makeup trend which is making headlines is that of ‘Tape Contouring,’ started by beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan.

tape contouring trend for your face

In the original method of contouring, bronzer is applied to the low points while highlighter is applied to the high points of the face. Both of which are then blended in with their respective makeup brushes.

tape contouring trend for your face

The tape contouring method works as a beauty tip and it differs as scotch tape is applied in strategic positions over the face and neck. This is done to ensure precision before the makeup is applied to the face. While it is an enjoyable new redux on the original, it can also be time consuming and lead to product wastage.

tape contouring trend for your face

So how do you work the tape contouring trend for your face?

Start by gathering your makeup brushes to apply and blend the product, scotch tape and the Lakmé Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer. Cut pieces of scotch tape and reduce the tackiness of their glue by applying it on your fist a few times. Then apply 2 of the strips on either side of your forehead and 2 along the bridge of your nose. Apply 1 strip on your cheekbone and the other above your jawline. Then in the exposed portions between the tape, apply bronzer generously and then peel the strips off. Over the sections of bronzer, take your contouring brush and blend in the product thoroughly.

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