If you're all about bouffant hair, draping your blush and other vintage beauty trends, we have good news! All the classic makeup and hair looks from the 60s, 70s and 80s are making a major comeback and they look stunning to say the least. We've spotted them on runways and off and it sure looks like 2019 is all about throwbacks.

Here are some vintage trends hav* a moment, and we are sure you will want to give these a try!

Throwback trends

Draping makeup

Before the beauty world evolved and we settled for a more natural looking blush, heavy blush was quite a trend. Draping, in modern terms, is to take the blush around the eye socket, lightly onto the crease and towards your temple. Fast forward to 2019, we see actors as young as Millie Bobby Brown sporting this trend and looking gorgeous!

Throwback trends

Glitter makeup

2019 has been all about sparkling lips and glitter lids. We’ve spotted them at fashion weeks, red carpet events and movie promotions. It is minimal, edgy and classy unlike its vintage version which was quite exaggerated. A quick swipe of glitter under the waterline, an edgy eye makeup look or just dabbing a little glitter in the inner corners of the eyes are just a few ways celebs are wearing the glitter makeup trend. If you are the experimental kind, why not try glittering up your hair as well?!

Throwback trends

Bouffant hairstyles

Talk vintage and the first thing that comes to mind is bouffant hairstyles, isn’t it? Well guess what, that has made a comeback too! Don’t know about you, but we never stopped loving them. Met Gala 2019 saw all kinds of stunning, doable as well as exaggerated bouffant hairstyles that we’ve bookmarked for inspiration.

Throwback trends

Hair flowers

Flowers have powered up quite a lot of looks on the runways and fashion events. While classic hairstyles were big on bold and oversized flowers, the current obsession is sporting one delicate tiara, headband or tucking a small bunch of baby's breath flowers into your hair.

Throwback trends

Face jewels

I know what you’re thinking - face jewels are so yesterday! Yes they are, but we’ve been following every fashion week closely this year and if there’s one thing common among them all, it is face jewels! So, love it or hate it, but face jewels are back!

Image courtesy: Pinterest