Remember the days when a temporary tattoo on the forearm upped your cool quotient immediately? It was as close as you could get to a permanent ink tattoo so you flaunted your brand new body art on your sleeve, quite literally. So what if it faded after few washes—that didn’t make it any less cool, right? As of 2017, this trend just got a cute, new upgrade.

beauty tattoos

In 2016, temporary hair tattoos made their foray into the beauty world via Kylie Jenner. After becoming every music festival goer’s accessory of choice, the trend kinda pushed its boundaries and spilled over to the face! Of course, like every raging beauty trend worth its salt, the temporary face tattoo is now being sported by beauty lovers across Social Media.

temporary body tattoos

Before you begin to cringe, keep in mind that these beauty tattoos are smaller in size, daintier and gentler on the skin so as to make them safe and easy to apply.

A popular way to apply it is by using a cluster of temporary decals in the center over the lips or the eye lids. If minimalism is your thing, a single tattoo over your makeup can also look pretty fantastic.

how to do temporary body tattoo

If you do venture out to try this temporary tattoo trend, you’ve got to be mindful about how you place it on your face and the design you choose to do.

If you’re trying it over your lips, first apply a coat of matte lipstick to prevent natural oils from breaking down the tattoo. Then apply the tattoo and seal it in place with clear lip gloss.

On the eyes, first apply a neutral eye shadow as your base shade and then apply the tattoo on the lid. Complete the look with two coats of mascara for fluttery lashes that don’t take away from your beauty tattoo.

Image Credits: Cloudfront, Fashionisers, @violentlips, @beasweetbeauty