The 5 Biggest Beauty Revolutions Of 2015

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 06, 2016
Makeup is so much more than a stash of lipsticks and liners on your vanity dresser. It has the power to transform your appearance, to experiment with a look and most importantly, to change the way you feel about yourself. The year 2015 saw a number of noteworthy trends taking shape from strobed skin to pumpkin spice hair which certainly gave us a beauty tip or two but where those trends originate from, is where it gets interesting. It was the year when body shaming and beauty criticism was combated with a slew of intelligent statements which went viral and took the world by storm.

We’re counting down a few of the hardest-hitting revolutions in the beauty world that affected the face of the industry and cycle of trends.

The Power of Makeup

Celebrity #NoMakeup Selfies

Makeup sees its fair share of flak for many a reason, one of them being that women use makeup to hide their insecurities about their looks. When YouTuber NikkieTutorials encountered a bout of makeup shaming, she created a video on her channel entitled ‘The Power Of Makeup’, preening one side of her face while she left the other side bare. Clocking over 2 million views, the video spread quickly amongst the beauty sphere with #PowerOfMakeup and spawned tribute videos and selfies. Created for women to be proud of their face with and without makeup, the video serves as a message for them to enjoy makeup, experiment with it and never be ashamed to apply it.


Girl you don’t need makeup

Celebrity #NoMakeup Selfies

Every pop song ever claims that women are naturally flawless goddesses that don’t need an ounce of makeup. It’s a great rhythm and tune to get behind but in reality, the message of the song doesn’t quite live up to reality. That’s why, Amy Schumer, in her show Inside Amy Schumer, showcased a feminist satirical sketch called ‘Girl you don’t need makeup’, a parody of the pop songs which even went on to win an Emmy nomination. Starting out with a typical boy band serenading a woman, they convince her that she’s perfect when she wakes up and she doesn’t need makeup. However, once she wipes it off, they change their tune to convince her that she does need, in fact, need makeup, and offer a beauty tip for the face by telling her to put it back on. The comedy sketch then went viral which Amy followed up with posting her barefaced #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup pictures and encouraged her readers to follow suit.


Clown Contouring

Celebrity #NoMakeup Selfies

YouTuber BellaDeLune has experienced shaming and bullying, to the extent of being called a clown when she has used her makeup skills. For her revenge best served cold, she took the very subject of her bullying and used it to her best advantage by creating a tutorial called clown contouring. In the curiously titled video, she begins with her face painted and highlighted in exaggeration in the image of a clown but through the course of the video, transforms into a polished, perfected face. The tutorial brought about a sea of clown contouring before and after selfies along with similar techniques being shared such as sugar skull and henna contouring.


Love your Lines

Celebrity #NoMakeup Selfies

The way women see it, stretch marks might as well be the bane of their existence but it was two mothers who sought change in this thought process. By starting the Love Your Lines campaign, they aim to change women’s perception about stretch marks and instead, think of them as the the mark of a warrior who has fought her battles. The campaign got an enormous response with #LoveYourLines as women all over the world submitted their photos of them flaunting their tiger stripes and taking charge of their bodies.


Celebrity #NoMakeup Selfies

Celebrity #NoMakeup Selfies

We’re the first in line for a healthy dose of celebrity inspiration so when the #NoMakeupselfie trend began, we couldn’t have been happier to get aboard this train! From Jennifer Lawrence to Lorde, a slew of celeb began posting bare faced selfies, flaunting their skin in all its glory. And like any good trend associated with a celebrity, thousands lined up with their version of a bare faced, no filter picture. Besides being embraced by the likes of Sofia Vergara and Beyonce; the trend made celebrities seem relatable and more like the girl next door rather than the award winning actresses, which upped the feel good factor by a whole lot.

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