The Most Daring Halloween Makeup Trends Of 2016

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 24, 2016
The most daring Halloween makeup trends of 2016
Beware of dark alleys and shadowy streets, because Halloween is just around the corner. The spooky festival has always been celebrated with elaborate outfits and tonnes of trick-or-treaters. This year is no different because along with wicked costumes, the spotlight is on the wildest Halloween makeup looks. Whether is a ghoulish demon or a zombie from the afterlife, these are the reigning Halloween makeup ideas that are going to be popular this year!

The melting face

Sugar skull

With rising focus on SFX and costume makeup, lifelike prosthetics are becoming commonplace. Thanks to this, the melting face trend is gaining popularity this year. A ripped open face that reveals a spooky skeleton? We doubt you’ll sleep soundly after seeing this one.



Sugar skull

Move over winged eyeliner, there’s a sharp new liner look on the block, quite literally we mean. Replacing the regular flick is a silvery knife with blood dripping off it no less. Thankfully for us, even though this slick eyeliner trend looks razor sharp, it can’t cut too deep!


Pop culture references

Sugar skull

Looks from popular culture inspire and are easy to pull off. This year, expect to see a whole lot of Snapchat filters, the character 11 from ‘Stranger Things’ and the whacky Harley Quinn. Pick your favourite and go right ahead!


Sugar skull

Sugar skull

Adapted from edible sugar skulls in Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival, sugar skull makeup has sure come a long way! With the base look as a skeleton, the costume is highlighted with flowers as a tribute to the festival treats.

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