We’re all going gaga over Lakmé’s new Sculpt range, right? After all, it gives us makeup that we’ve only dreamed of – contoured faces, full lips and high cheek bones. In order to get to know the story of sculpt we caught up with Lakme Innovation head, Purnima Lamba, and got her to tell us all about the inspiration behind this collection. Here’s what she told us…
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BB: How did the idea of ‘Sculpt’ come about?
Purnima: Every trend statement always has a point of beginning in an adjacent field. So I’d say that Sculpt has its beginnings in architecture. If you have been a keen observer of fashion around the world, you will notice how things are getting more structured and geometric. It is this symmetry that has been of inspiration to us – and I think makeup is the best way to express geometry on your face. It helps you define the features that you want to highlight and it also allows you to hide the features you don’t wish to bring to the spotlight. The way I see it – makeup works as a tool to build definition and that’s the origin of Sculpt.

BB: How compatible is the Sculpt look for the Indian skin tone?
Purnima: Sculpt is not a trend for a season or two. It is here to stay. Indians already have great features. So in order to enhance that, you must use the right product. Given that the eyes have always been the focal point of makeup in India, we chose to go further and highlight the lips this time around.

BB: With so many lipstick options available in makeup stores, what sets the Sculpt range apart in the market?
Purnima: The beauty of this particular line is that it gives you an immediate pay off. We call them the high definition matte lipsticks and they allow you to reshape your lips into whatever way you want. Women in India already have beautiful pouts so lack of full lips is not a complaint here at all. But this range allows you to define that pout perfectly. The good news here is that the colour palette that we have launched is extremely vibrant. So this summer, don’t go pale – go bright, go matte. That’s the forecast as far as the lipsticks are concerned.

BB: The Sculpt look is all about face contouring and sharpness. So where does skincare, which is a very important aspect in the beauty world, fit into the scheme of things?
Purnima: Our skincare line is all about firming. The Youth Infinity range revolves around achieving tighter skin. We believe that the Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum is the perfect product to prep up for your Sculpt look because it lifts your skin and gives you that bounce. This serum would be my go-to product to prep up for the Sculpt look. Then of course if you want to moisturise, there is the Youth Infinity Day and Night Cream.

BB: Do you see this look working well with the everyday office look?
Purnima: I think if you want to define high cheek bones, this look is perfect for every day. If you want strong eyes or lips, this is the best option. See, when you’re going to work, you will opt for a peach or a very sandy sort of brown makeup because you don’t want to look pale. This is also where our Drama Stylist Blushers come into play.

BB: Considering the bridal season is here, do you think brides will opt for the Sculpt look?Purnima: I think it will work wonders because there is no occasion that celebrates makeup better than bridal makeup. The Sculpt look will be the preferred look for brides this Autumn- Winter. More so because the colour palette is very vibrant so that will match the outfits for the occasion. The best thing is that this colour stays vibrant for a while, which is exactly what you need as a bride.

BB: You have also introduced the Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner. Tell us how that fits into the Sculpt range.
Purnima: The Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner is basically the simplest pen to use and it stays on forever. It fits into the Sculpt look perfectly because it’s the easiest way to dramatise your eyes. If you want the winged eyeliner or the thin stroke – this pen helps you with every kind of eye makeup.

BB: The concept of Sculpt seems like an evolved beauty routine. Do you think this look will catch on with the masses?
Purnima: I think that’s where the makeup app, Lakmé Makeup Pro comes in where you get to see how each colour product looks on you.  If you see that, I will leave it up to the women to see how they’d want to get this product. You must know what works for you and this makeup app helps you do just that. Also, we have designed our products in a way where it’s very easy to use them. There’s no expertise required. The lipstick just comes on really strong with one swipe and you’ve got the pay off. Even for the eyes, the Precision Liner is fantastic no matter how thick you’re planning to wear it. I think the blusher could need a certain level of understanding because you need to know where and how to highlight your face and how to define cheek bones. But I think Indian women will soon start investing in brushes, which will help them create this look.

BB: Indians usually prefer jarring and heavy makeup for important occasions. So will they pick up the Sculpt range?
Purnima: I think if that is the case, it plays to our strengths because the colours we offer are very bright and alive – they’re not dull and boring at all. They match our Indian colour palette so well. If you’re planning to wear a salwar kameez, you definitely have a shade in these for you. If you’re wearing something white and summery, you have something there as well. So people who like bright colours will absolutely love this range.

BB: Lastly, what is your favourite shade of lipstick from the Sculpt range?
Purnima: Tangerine Lush without a doubt! But for evenings, I love Pink Caress. We have yellow undertones as Indian skin generally does. And it’s difficult to find that perfect shade of pink that suits us. I think this is the best hot pink available. So I feel it will work marvels for us.