Trend Alert—Thumbprint Eyeliner

Written by Cassandra PereiraOct 23, 2017
Trend Alert—Thumbprint Eyeliner

Tired of the annoyingly regular cat-eye disasters? Tired of how uneven your winged eyeliner looks after trying so, so hard to get it right? We are too! But, its time to thank your lucky stars for the messy, uneven eyeliner has become the hottest new beauty trend on the block! Thumbprint eyeliner as it is better known was first spotted at Jason Wu’s Spring 2018 show post which it’s been spotted on Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid!

What’s the best part about this look? Well, it’s the fact that it’s supposed to be messy, and so, you won’t have to try so hard anymore!


How did the trend catch on?

Excited to try this look?

Selena Gomez sent beauty fanatics into a frenzy when she was seen sporting the thumbprint eyeliner on Hunh Vanngo’s Instagram account. The makeup artist shared a video of her slaying the look by donning sparkling gold glitter eye makeup and brick red lips.

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What we love about this look is that it’s not only dynamic, but is also perfect for any occasion, and a toned down version can also be worn to work or college.

Excited to try this look?

This wasn’t the first time the world saw this look, however. Lady Gaga gave the trend a rock n’ roll twist while wearing a merlot eye at the Grammy Awards earlier this year and incorporating the thumbprint eyeliner look with a black kohl liner on her waterline. Her fine wine-coloured wings were completely mismatched, yet, the fashion statement they made was bold.

Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Joan Smalls—all have worn the look slightly differently. It’s vintage, dramatic and yet, very 2017!


Excited to try this look?

Excited to try this look?

Although this trend calls for a messy look, there is a technique to it. The thumbprint eyeliner doesn’t mean rubbing your thumb over a liner pencil and just smudging it on the sides of your eyes, but it comes pretty close. For this look, just grab a dense rounded eye brush and pick a deep smokey shade (you could pick gray, or burgundy, or black—go as crazy as you want!). Wet your brush, and then start slow, adding more pigment until you have the thumbprint shape you’re looking for.

The defining attribute of this trend is the rounded full body shape the liner takes at the corner of your lash line. The line ends in a curve that looks like your thumbprint. What’s great about this style is that it’s totally okay for the eyeliner on each of your eyes to be unidentical. In fact, the more uneven, the better.

The thumbprint eyeliner trend is the exact opposite of high-maintence, but is gorgeous nonetheless. It isn’t even remotely time consuming, and calls for easier mornings. Remember—the only way to make it look perfect is by making sure that it’s imperfect. Easy enough, right?

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