10 Delicious Lip Makeup Trends That Are Huge This Season

Written by Sachin PandeySep 16, 2023
10 delicious lip makeup trends that are huge this season

Lips are easily the most attractive part of your face and if you are anything like us—that is, obsessed with lip makeup—we are sure you own a pouch full of lip shades. The makeup industry comes up with fabulous trends every season but the best part is that nothing about lip makeup ever goes out of style!

The signature shades become classics while the textures make a comeback with improved variations and new shades appear out of the rainbow hues. While it might get impossible to invest in every lip makeup trend that breaks, there are a lot of DIY lip makeup tricks and ideas that can keep you in sync with the trend. A little imagination and some creativity are all you need to make that lip pop and grab the attention it deserves.

Here are some fabulous lip makeup trends that are making a vibrant appearance and you should totally board this trend train.


Funky lips

Tangerine Lips

If you love experimenting with your looks and want to sport lip makeup that surely leaves your friends wondering how you did it, these funky textured lips are just for you. Just apply a darker shade of your choice and stick studs or tiny artificial crystals on your lips with beauty glue. It looks like a zen crystal that went to the met gala and found his glamorous kick. This look is best suited for evening occasions.


Glitter lips

Tangerine Lips

Glitter lips are nothing new in the world of lip makeup trends but this trend entered to never fade! Glitter lips are basically just shining stardust over your lip shade. To create an iconic sensuous look, put on your red lipstick and add some red glitter over it. Let it dry and you’re ready to rock that party with this ravishing bold look.


Ombré lips

Tangerine Lips

The reign of Ombré is going nowhere, from clothes to accessories, to lip makeup, Ombré adds a resh and soothing look to your new makeup. It’s subtle yet stylish and looks like million dollars if done right. While there are Ombré lipsticks available in the market, the most pocket-friendly way to get Ombré lips is to create it on your own. Take one dark shade lipstick and apply it like an outline on your lips now take a lighter shade and fill in your lips while gently smudging the two colours. Make sure the smudging looks as smooth as the sunset sky. Your Ombré lips are ready to do the glam talks!


Color mélange lip art

Tangerine Lips

This is the funkiest lip makeup trend that you’ll come across, well, first of all, it’ll require you to be bold and a total unicorn at heart to pull off this look. Take lip colour, tints and stains of possible shades, now just apply it on your lips like you’re a Picasso making her art and don’t stop doing until you feel that your art is complete. This lip makeup may sound crazy but it’s an art in itself and definitely not for the shy babies, you gotta flaunt it!


Korean gradient lips

Tangerine Lips

Like every other Korean regimen, Korean gradient lips is a kinda lip makeup that comes with multiple steps to ace the dewy natural look. First, start with scrubbing your lips with sugar or any natural lips scrub. Now apply a concealer on your lips, yes you read it right. Now select a shade of your shade (preferably a berry shade or light red or pink) apply it near the opening on your lips. Take a cotton swab and smudge the shade in the outward direction. Now apply a generous amount of transparent lip gloss. Geonbae! (That’s cheers in Korean)


Metallic lips

Tangerine Lips

Metallic lips are in again thanks to the space couture that bought the flashy outfit back in the spotlight. Metallic lips are available in the market in all its glory but if you don’t want to buy one we have got a DIY trick for you. Apply a shade of your choice preferably in a matte texture now take your shimmery highlight and gently dab it over your lips. You can seal this metallic hue with a setting spray. Voila, the future is talking and how!


No lipstick lips

Tangerine Lips

We all love naturally flushed lips but sadly not all of us are blessed with pretty flushed lips. To get this lip makeup, choose a light pink shade of lipstick applies it gently on your lips. Now, before it dries off, take a tissue and dab to absorb the excess color off from your lips. It helps to tamp down the shade and make your lips looks naturally flushed. This can be a little secret between us.


Two-toned lips

Tangerine Lips

This lip makeup can be your ticket to the hip town! Two-toned lips instantly add a good gone wild kinda vibe to your lip makeup. It basically involves two shades on your lips, one on the upper lip and another on the lower lip. These two shades can be equally vibrant or both can be subtle you can make the choice. But we’d like to bet our money on vibrant shades because why play safe? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Fuschia like Minaj's lips

Tangerine Lips

If you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj, her iconic Barbie look will definitely pop up in your head just by reading this. Fuschia pink is one bold color that suits all skin types from fair to dusky and it is surely not for the faint-hearted. This shade is both fierce and beautiful at the same time. Add this to your cart if you don’t have it already. You never knew it can start a makeup revolution in your girl gang.


Tangerine Lips

Tangerine Lips

Talk about aesthetic and this one will surely top the list. Does tangerine lip makeup have a soothing warm tone that reminds of summer and setting sun, poetic much? It’s clearly an understated shade that can whirl up a statement of its own. It suits all skin tones and can be a delightful shade for a brunch or a day outing. Get the tangerine touch right now, absolutely mandatory.

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