Need a quick pick-me-up to make up for the fact that Independence Day fell on a weekend? We recommend trying these tricolour nail art designs! These nail ideas contain all the colours of the Indian national flag — saffron, white and green— and also have hints of blue here and there (that represent the Ashoka Chakra). Detailed with traditional textile-themed patterns — they will go perfectly with your desi ensemble for the day.

We’ve rounded up some not so in-your-face ideas so you don’t have to rush to get them off the very next day! Check out the trendy tricolour nail art designs we think will be oh-so-cool to wear for Independence Day 2020...

tricolour nail art

Keep it clean!

We love the little story that this nail art moment is trying to tell! The blended orange and green base with clean, diagonal white-outs makes the design look so smart. Use the negative space nail polish technique to recreate this design.

tricolour nail art

Ombre hues

Been meaning to try an ombre nail art at home? Take time out this weekend and use this simple hack to create the perfect tri-colour ombre nail art for the day.

tricolour nail art

Beautiful detailing

Doing tricolour nail art is the perfect opportunity to test your detailing techniques! With a matte white base and two vibrant shades on standby, draw on some fabulous patterns for the Independence Day-themed design.

tricolour nail art

Simple and sleek

The first tricolour nail art idea that might strike you is to line them up like the flag’s design. But instead of doing it horizontally, we like this vertical approach. It looks clean, sleek and smart — just the way we like our nail art!

tricolour nail art

Floral tricolour

If you are a fan of floral nail art, this one will warm your heart! Arrange floral petal patterns in orange, green and blue, and embed it on a white base. Use a thin paintbrush to get the causal strokes of the petals down perfectly.

Image courtesy: Pinterest