When it comes to our beauty comfort zone, the BeBEAUTIFUL team extends from absolutely no makeup to blush, kajal and a constant pink lip. While how we wear our face is generally defined by our POA for the day, we realised that it might be a lot more defined for other girls. We asked six other women to let us in on their beauty comfort zones…

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Supriya Singh, 28, Social activist
I work for an NGO and we spend a lot of time in the rural areas of the country so honestly speaking, makeup isn’t really a part of my daily routine at all. But on the day when I do have to go for meetings I keep my face moisturised but bare, except for some kajal in my eyes (they say it’s an NGO thing) and a hint of gloss on my lips.

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Neelima Kakkar, 29, Advertising executive
I can’t pinpoint if I do have a beauty comfort zone or not. I have followed a cleansing, toning, moisturising ritual for the last seven years which I never deviate from. Apart from that it really depends on where my day is going to take me. If I’m spending the day in the office, I never even bother with gloss. Though, I’ll usually be a tad more liberal while heading out to clients by opting for some mascara (my must-have!), kohl, a coral or rose blush and a muted lip.

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Megha Gandhi, 27, Entrepreneur
My makeup is defined by my mood. Some days it’s just kohl while on others it’s a full-fledged coloured lip. Actually, I think I spend more time on what I wear than on my face, mostly because I run my own party-planning business, that too from home, and while I do work the regular office hours I have the liberty to dress the way I want.

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Neha Sharma, 24, Post Grad student
I’m most comfy when I’m not looking too done up but still wearing a bit of makeup just to make myself feel better. I think the fact that I wear glasses is a total save because I don’t need to spend too much time doing my eyes. My basic minimum is kajal, a nude face powder and gloss. The most I can take that up is by applying some rouge on my cheeks if I’m headed to a function or something.

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Manisha Hegde, 28, PR executive
I absolutely cannot do without makeup. Since I’m in the public relations business and need to meet a lot of brands and clients and go to many events, I’m required to look good at all times. Which basically means wearing makeup when on duty! It took a bit of getting used to in the beginning but nowadays if I’m not wearing foundation, compact, liner, blush and a lip colour, I feel like there’s something missing on my face.

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Kanika Sood, 25, Graphic Designer
I don’t know if you can call this my comfort zone but my beauty go to has always been eyeliner – the cat eye to be specific. Whether I’m wearing blush or lipstick or not, I’m always wearing the cat eye. I feel like it complements my thick eyebrows perfectly. For my hair, I usually prefer a high bun.