On BeBEAUTIFUL, we keep encouraging our readers to ruffle things around every once in a while. But like most things, change too, begins at home. Which is why we thought it was a fabulous idea to take our editors out of their comfort zones and get them to the Lakmé Absolute Salon to try makeup trends they never, ever would normally attempt. A few coy confessions and apprehensions later, here’s the outcome and what they had to say about it.
editors beauty trends deepa after makeover 430x550

Deepa Sajnani, Fashion Editor went from using only mascara to dramatic blue eyes, straight off the fashion runways
“I'm always one to shy away from the camera for fear that it makes me look like a completely different person! No, seriously. But, after my super glam makeover with those gorgeous big blue eyes, I realised it's just a matter of playing to your strengths. I was thrilled with my makeover and must add, didn't remove the makeup for hours after the shoot. I'd definitely do this look again for my next night out.”

editors beauty trends nazneen after makeover 430x550

Nazneen Joshi, Lifestyle Editor went from wearing only lip balm to a Great Gatsby inspired 50’s look
“It obviously felt fabulous to get a complete makeover and of course, a little bit of bright lipstick never hurt anyone. Although, I would be careful about wearing this look again because my lips (to my surprise) looked quite overpowering—so I’d probably reserve it for a high-profile do. Pairing the big pout with a monochromed outfit will surely look striking.”

editors beauty trends manasi after makeover 430x550

Manasi Rawalgaonkar, Social Media Manager went from zero makeup to a sun-kissed look
“I'm not much of a makeup person. The most I'll do is lip balm and mascara. But I've always wanted to try out a full-bronzed look replete with fake eyelashes et al and it really was just as fun and glam as I expected it to be! Plus, not to forget the fact that my face looked so much more chiselled, which I loved. I'd probably try it out for a special occasion like a reception or a sundowner party.”