Brace yourselves for the newest trend to hit the beauty scene –Sculp’ting. The perfect way to have HD lips, defined eyes and hydrated, healthy skin, this makeup technique will land you the sharpest features, a prominent pout and model-worthy skin. Here’s why you need to get with the Sculpt program stat! If you’re all about chiseled and contoured lips, the Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipsticks are just what you need. After all, it’s the easiest and best way to a pronounced pout. We’ve been crushing on bright,beautiful lip shades for a while now and this range is about rich plums, deep reds and feminine pinks.

sculpt look high definition makeup 430x550


Wishing for a well-defined jawline, a pretty pout, and high cheek bones? Then go for the sculpted look. It not only gives a natural appearance but also helps you accentuate your best features in a beautiful way.

say bye to cakey makeup 430x550


We all love our skin, don’t we? So much that we can scout for every and any product that’ll make our face look a few notches more attractive. While makeup is important, cakeyfoundation is a huge turn off. So if you happen to care about your skin, turn to the sculpted look, which makes your features look sharp with minimal makeup.

attractive eye makeup 430x550


The sculpted look can make your eyes far more expressive. After all, this technique involves giving more dimension and shape to your eyes. So the next time you want your eyes to do the talking, make sure you sculpt them with the right makeup.