The term nail art often brings to mind pointed acrylic talons with neon shades and whacky finishes. And who else to blame but the beauty industry! With trends like the acrylic aquarium and cringeworthy bubble nails it’s no wonder that nail trends have a reputation for being loud and garish.

latest nail art trend

However, the latest nail art trend on the block is about to change that mental image. Enter wire nails, which is a the latest minimalist trend for your talons. Think of wire nails as the sophisticated older sister to the neon nail tips of the word—chic, refined and definitely not restricted to tweens.

wire nails art

Inducted as the newest members of the K-beauty family, wire nails are the brainchild of Korean salon Unistella. But it wasn’t just a one-shot wonder for the owner Park Eun-Kyung. She’s also the genius behind the shattered mirror and bracelet nails trends that took the world by storm. Park has also been invited to the latest edition of New York Fashion Week as a nail artist.

latest wire nail art

To create her latest nail art speciality, Park sculpts thin gold wires into intricate shapes with miniature tweezers and lacquers them into place between gel coats and UV light. The trend was inspired by neon sign boards and the wire being coiled to make the lettering. She believes that nails are the newest accessory on the block and what better way to flaunt them than with an intricate, unique work of art!

Image Credit: Fashionisers, Pop Sugar