Bb Trend Alert—Yellow Blush

Written by Dayle PereiraJun 07, 2017
BB Trend Alert—Yellow Blush
Remember when we told you that the highlighter trend was here to stay long time? Well, it seems like the makeup Gods were listening in and thought it had enjoyed enough time in the spotlight, because now, there’s another makeup product that’s getting some well deserved attention—blush! For centuries, blush has been synonymous with cherubic pink cheeks that add a healthy glow to the skin. However, this time around the good girl blush has got a much edgier upgrade thanks to the yellow blush makeup trend.

yellow blush makeup look

Whimsically tinted cheeks have been working their way up the popularity charts for a while now. But it was RiRi’s epic pink cheekbones that finally thrust this trend into the limelight. Yellow blush, the brand new makeup trend we’re talking about, is a chip off the same block.

Now we know that yellow can seem like a rather unusual makeup choice in one’s kit, let alone one’s cheeks, but that didn’t stop a bunch of lively makeup artists from going wild with the sunshine shade and dolling up their cheekbones with it.

yellow blush makeup look

Just like the many eccentric beauty trends in the past, yellow blush caught on with Instagram’s beauty community rather quickly. Post after post showcased this fiery makeup trend in all its glory, and vivid cheeks worn with winged eyeliner, pink lips and even yellow eye liner became a rage on social media.

yellow blush makeup look

While yellow blush may not be the makeup trend to wear when you head to work in the morning (really though, we’d rather you didn’t!), it can certainly look fierce when sported in photoshoots and editorials. If you’d like to sport a toned down version of this trend, try these makeup tricks. First opt for a yellow eyeshadow. Since it isn’t a popular shade of blush just yet, the powdery matte consistency of eyeshadow should do the trick. When applying it to the apples of your cheeks, dab just a dash and blend it outwards well so that it has a translucent final finish.

Image Credits: Gadia, Preen, Vistellacalle, Koko Life

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