When the temperatures drop, we change two things to our beauty routine – our richer, nourishing moisturisers come out and the lipstick shades get darker. The holiday season dominates much of the season, and it's always a guess what beauty trends will be popular.  

Well, the holidays are here and so are the newest winter makeup trends. This year the trends are not only bold but also will last for the coming months. We've got you covered, whether you're in need of some holiday inspiration or need a complete makeup bag refresh. Here are the top 5 makeup trends for this holiday season using full face makeup palette.  

The Basics of Lakme Absolute 3in1 Facelift Palette  

Your Ultimate 3in1 Facelift Palette from Lakme Absolute

The Lakme Absolute 3in1 Facelift Palette is all you need to create these winter makeup looks. This palette comes with a Blusher, Bronzer and Highlighter, all of which are packed into a compact palette that’s easy to carry around while on the go. It contains Argan oil and comes with an easy-to-blend, lightweight formula that gives you a natural, smooth finish with a sculpted look.  

The palette comes in two different shades – Golden Hour which suits light to medium skin tones and Sunkissed Glow which suits medium to deep skin tones. It also comes with a built-in mirror so you can do your touchups easily on the move. The buildable formula of this palette makes it so versatile that you can go from an all-natural day look to an all-glam party look for the night in no time! 

Get the Look with Lakme Absolute 3in1 Facelift Palette  

This winter, it’s about going all out with the makeup looks and making a statement. Here are the top trending looks that you can create this holiday season using the Lakme Absolute 3in1 Facelift Palette.  

1. Go bold with blush 

Your Ultimate 3in1 Facelift Palette from Lakme Absolute

This season is all about dabbing that extra splash of blush all over! Flushed cheeks and going heavy on blush can not only make you look fresh but also like you’ve had litres of water so go all out and dust it everywhere. 

How to Achieve the Look   

Take a blush brush and dab some blush from the Lakme Absolute 3in1 Facelift Palette. Tap on the excess to ensure that there is minimal fallout. Apply it over the apple of your cheeks, along your cheekbones, near the temples, and under the brow bones. Make sure to blend it all out so it looks cohesive. 

2. Soft glam 

Your Ultimate 3in1 Facelift Palette from Lakme Absolute

The soft glam makeup look is all over the beauty industry right now, and for all the right reasons. It’s loved amongst celebrities, makeup artists and influencers since the blended neutral-toned makeup make a statement for itself. Sculpt your eyes and give your cheeks dimension with brown and bronze shades that blend undetectably. This makeup is the perfect combination of neutral tones and glam drama. 

How to Achieve the Look   

For this soft glam makeup look, all you need is a light seamless blend of blush, bronzer and highlighter. Take the bronzer from the palette, dust off the excess and apply it on your cheekbones to sculpt your face. You can go light to heavy-handed depending on your preference. Swipe a little blush over your cheekbones to add a light flush of colour. Take the highlighter and apply it light-handedly on the highest points of your face – over cheekbones, under the brow bones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow.   

3. Bronzed queen 

Your Ultimate 3in1 Facelift Palette from Lakme Absolute

You can rock the bronzed look not only for the coming holidays but all throughout the year! This look is all about going heavy with the bronzer and highlighter so you look all sculpted and drenched in shine. The key is to have a dewy makeup look that will have you glowing all New Year Eve. 

How to Achieve the Look   

Prep your skin with a moisturiser and illuminating primer. Take your go-to foundation or a tinted moisturiser that has a dewy finish. Don’t be shy to go overboard with the bronzer. Take an angled brush, dip it into the bronzer from the palette, tap off the excess and apply it on the contours of your face. Take the highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones, under the brow bones and over your eyelids. Finish the dewy look with a lip gloss and you’re all set to be the glowing diva you are! 

4. Natural glam 

Your Ultimate 3in1 Facelift Palette from Lakme Absolute

You don't have to go all out with glitter for your party makeup. You can't go wrong with natural tones, and they allow your outfit to speak for itself. There are a few simple tweaks you can make to make your makeup look natural in the evening. You can keep your base makeup light, but you can go a shade darker on your lips, and perhaps go for black eyeliner for parties instead of brown. 

How to Achieve the Look   

Begin with a hydrating primer and apply a sheer to medium coverage foundation to make it look natural. Take the blush and apply it light-handedly over the apple of your cheeks. Next, apply the highlighter with just one or two swipes over your cheekbones to get a subtle sheen. Remember to not go overboard with your base makeup since we’re going for a natural glam. Apply a black liner; you can wing it out if you want. Add loads of mascara and finish it off with a darker shade of lipstick.  

5. Luminous winter glow 

Your Ultimate 3in1 Facelift Palette from Lakme Absolute

The luminous winter glow is going to be all over the place this season. All you need is just a blush, bronzer and highlighter to get the dewy, sunny, glowing finish. 

How to Achieve the Look   

For this look, we shall skip the foundation altogether. You can apply a tinted moisturiser if you prefer or just make do with a hydrating moisturiser. Since we will skip the foundation, you can conceal the areas of imperfection such as under the eyes, dark spots, etc. with a concealer. Next, apply a generous amount of bronzer in the hollows of your face. Sweep on the blush lightly on your cheeks, temples, and a little on the nose. Highlight the highest points of your face with the highlighter and finish the look with a lip gloss.  

FAQs about Lakme Absolute 3in1 Facelift Palette  

What does a bronzer do for makeup? 

If you are wondering what is bronzer used for makeup, here is the answer. The bronzer adds depth and warmth to the skin, making it look healthy. You should apply it after you apply your face makeup but before you apply your blush. The bronzer goes on your cheeks, jawline, forehead, nose, and edges of your jawline. 

What is the use of highlighter in makeup? 

The use of highlighter in makeup is that the highlighter attracts light and enhances skin tone, creating a glowing look, and can be used to accentuate and lift bones. You'll also find it a bit confusing if you're just getting started in makeup. If you are wondering how to use highlighter makeup, start off with a buildable highlighter and sweep it across the highest points of your face light-handedly. This will make sure that you don’t go overboard with it.  

How to use blusher in makeup? 

In a makeup kit blusher plays an important role since it adds a hint of natural colour to your face.  

It's great for a vibrant, fresh look. During the fall and winter, blush adds a rosy glow, while in spring, it can enhance your complexion.