How many times have you stumbled upon a new exciting beauty product (that looked totally irresistible) but had no idea what it did? Quite a few times, right? It happens to the best of us. The world of beauty can be pretty confusing when there are so many products that possess similar features.

Another set of perplexing beauty products are cold pressed oil and essential oil. Both are beauty elixirs and can be used for your skin and hair. Then, what’s the difference? And, more importantly, how should you use them? If you’ve got similar questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is how the two beauty oils are different than each other and how you should be using them for your skin and hair.   


Cold pressed oil

Cold pressed oil for your skin and hair.   

They are the oils extracted from nuts or seeds or peels of fatty fruits such as lemon, orange and olive. The oil is made by compressing the nuts, seeds or fruits through a modern steel press without using heat to retain the flavour, aroma and nutritional value. They are also known as extra virgin oils and apart from skincare and haircare, they have culinary uses as well. If you have extra virgin olive or coconut oil at your home, they are the cold pressed oils. Since they don’t lose the nutrients, they are great for skin and hair. They fight signs of ageing and help in nourishing and maintaining the health of your skin and hair.


Essential oil

Essential oil  for your skin and hair.   

Essential oils are therapeutic beauty oils that are extracted from aromatic plants and herbs such as lavender, rosemary, tea tree and rose. They use the steam distillation process to extract the aromatic compounds out of herbs and are highly fragrant. They are typically used in skincare for almost everything, from brightening, toning and healing. They are also used in haircare for hydrating and soothing the scalp.

You can also use it in face and hair masks, bathwater or apply it directly. However, some essential oils can be strong and may cause irritation, such as tea tree oil, and thus, should be diluted with a carrier oil or water.


How you should use these beauty oils

How you should use these beauty oils for your skin and hair.   

Cold pressed oils are carrier oils that don’t have a strong smell and are highly nutritional. You can mix cold pressed oil with essential oils to get the most of out of both oils and to also avoid any allergic reaction caused by applying essential oil directly on the face and hair. Pick any cold pressed oil like sesame oil and coconut oil and add a few drops of any essential oil, depending on your beauty concern and apply it on your skin or hair. Wash off and moisturise to get naturally healthy and flawless skin and hair.