All You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading

Written by Anushka ShahNov 24, 2022
All You Need to Know About Eyebrow Threading

You may have a face full of makeup and the best done hair but you’re just not getting that post-worthy IG selfie? Well, that’s when you know you got to check the details. We’re not talking about applying your lipstick within the crease or ensuring your eyeliner wings are equal - we’re talking about the power of brows. If your eyebrows aren’t threaded to perfection, there is a high chance you may not be feeling your diva vibes!  

Simply grooming your brows by plucking the extra, is a major tactic when it comes to softening your features as well as making you appear all collected. Hence, having perfectly arched brows is absolutely non-negotiable. And the best and most long-lasting way to ensure that your brows look on point is not waxing, laser or any other new development, it’s the OG practice - eyebrow threading. Being the safest of them all, this quick and tested facial hair removal method has spread its charm all across South Asia and quite a few Middle Eastern countries for generations now.  

However, if you’re a newbie to eyebrow threading or are planning to get your eyebrows threaded for the first time ever, then don’t worry for we’ve got your back and your eyebrows. In this story, we are going to talk about everything you need to know before going for your first eyebrow threading appointment – from how to prep and the process itself. So, get ready to pave your way towards brows that impress! Hold tight. 

All You Need to Know About Eyebrow Threading  

Get the right scoop on eyebrow threading with us! 

How does threading work? 

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If the look of your face is in your hands, drawing in a bunch of questions is inevitable. So, to give you the eyebrow threading deets, let's start by telling you that it’s the easiest and best no-fuss method of grooming your brows. It doesn’t involve any fancy high maintenance product but just involves the use of a single cotton thread to pull unwanted hair out from the root. To do so in a clean and comfortable manner, your technician will start with cleaning your brows and the surrounding area with an astringent. To do the most, she may also clean the workground and make it a dry and tidy palette using a powder ( very essential, especially for us greasy skin gals!) One that comes with a tinge of fragrance and does the job with an easy pit pat is the Pond’s Dream Flower Fragrant Talc. Immersing you in those princess feels, this powder makes eyebrow threading a breeze. Once the Pond’s power is in action, she will then twist and pull the cotton thread to get rid of unwanted hair. The main reason to twist the thread is to ensure that it effectively rolls over the skin, which helps pluck out individual hair (well, that’s new news to me too!) And the best tip: In order to ensure better results while eyebrow threading is in process, you are supposed to sit on a reclining chair and hold your skin around the brows taut between two fingers, ensuring that the process becomes a lot simpler for the technician. Why? Because you tighten your skin and hence do away with those skin folds and possible pinches.  

2. Does threading hurt? 

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This is a very common question that most people who have never gotten their eyebrows threaded usually have. However, it totally depends on your pain threshold but I’d say, eyebrow threading is mediocre pain - after all, little strands of hair are being plucked one after the other. And tbh - While it does cause a bit of discomfort and there is a slight stinging sensation, it is not the kind of pain you can’t tolerate - you can easily sit through it. And if you can’t take pain for long, worry not for eyebrow threading because the process is really quick and most of it gets over in no time. This makes the process a lot more bearable. Plus, once done a good technician will always go the extra mile to ensure all the redness (if you have sensitive skin like me) is tamed. How? Well, that’s best the A1 aloe gel comes into picture. Providing that cooling effect and calming all that annoyance, just a few strokes of Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua will do the magic.  

3. How to maintain my eyebrows 

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The real ones know that maintenance is the main matter when it comes to eyebrow threading. This tried and tested method allows you to reach for even ingrown hair from deep within your follicles, all in one go. Isn’t that awesome? And that’s not all. Because your hair comes out from deep within the root and there is barely any in-grown hair left, every strand will grow at approximately a similar rate. A good thumb rule that most women follow is to go in for touch-ups every three to four weeks depending on your personal hair growth cycle. This will ensure your brows are always looking slick and thick!  

PS: If you’re looking for a best-in-class delay hack, grooming is your getaway. Ensure you have a good eyebrow pencil in your makeup arsenal, this will allow you to comb the tiny hair and sharpen those arches. We stand for the one and only, totally pigmented and easy to use, the Lakmé Eyebrow Pencil. Trusted by a plethora of makeup mavens, nothing does the trick like this one. So, get your hands on this eyebrow pencil and allow yourself to delay your eyebrow threading appointments and get those lazy girl vibes going.   

FAQs about All You Need to Know About Eyebrow Threading   

Threading your questions away! 

Q1 What are the disadvantages of eyebrow threading? 

A. While the discomfort and pain isn’t long-lasting, depending on your skin’s sensitivity and the threader’s skill, eyebrow threading can be painful, especially initially. In some rare cases, there could also be some transfer of infection or an allergic reaction. 

Q2 How long do threaded eyebrows last? 

A. While this question is really subjective and it all depends on your personal hair growth rate, in most cases the results last anywhere between two to five weeks. If you don’t want to visit the salon too often, you could even pluck any stray hair to help maintain your brows for a bit longer. 

Q3 Does hair grow thicker after threading? 

A. Your hair never changes its thickness, irrespective of the kind of hair removal process you resort to. Therefore, the idea that your hair grows  back thicker post shaving is a complete myth. Additionally, since eyebrow threading removes the hair from the root or follicle, the chance of your hair appearing thicker or darker is much lesser. 

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