Anti-Acne Diet: 6 Foods To Avoid To Keep Acne At Bay

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Anti-acne diet: 6 foods to avoid to keep acne at bay

They say acne is a part of every teenager’s life but that’s only partly true because there are some people who struggle with adult acne all their lives. There are many reasons why your skin might be breaking out, however, oily skin, genes and hormones often top the list. While these factors can majorly affect the health of your skin, it can all be controlled through a healthy lifestyle. What defines a healthy lifestyle, you ask? Working out, practicing yoga, avoiding foods that cause acne and including those rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Acne does not always pop on the face, these bumps can appear on the back and shoulders as well. Adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle is the first step towards clearing your face of acne and getting healthier skin. If you are going through frequent acne flare-ups and you have ruled out most factors that are commonly related to it, then maybe it’s time you take a look at what you are consuming on a daily basis. Below is a list of foods that cause acne​, check it out to know whether you are guilty of eating these way too often.


1. Dairy

FAQs of foods that causes acne

Milk and other dairy products can be behind some people getting acne. Another reason why dairy products are listed under which foods cause acne is because they contain hormones that can lead to inflammation in the body. When this happens, your pores get clogged and lead to acne. If you can’t figure out the cause behind your acne, stop the consumption of dairy products for a few days to see how it affects your acne. Interestingly, fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir are beneficial for your gut and might actually help reduce inflammation in the body.


2. Sugar

FAQs of foods that causes acne

A diet high in sugar, both natural and processed can cause inflammation as well as lead to hormonal fluctuations. If you are facing frequent acne flare-ups, check the consumption of sugar in your diet. Giving up on gooey chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies might help you more than just lose a few pounds. When you have a flare-up, avoid naturally sweet foods that cause acne such as honey and fruit juices as they can aggravate your skin condition. Stay far away from aerated drinks which are brimming with refined sugar.


3. Refined carbohydrates

FAQs of foods that causes acne

Those who tend to eat more carbohydrates have a higher level of sebum production which then leads to breakouts and acne. White bread, pasta and other refined carbohydrate-rich foods have a high glycaemic index and when the body digests it, it enters the body bloodstream faster and causes the sugar level to spike. Dermatologists recommend those with acne stay away from refined carbohydrates as it tops the list of foods that cause pimples. Refined carbohydrates are generally unhealthy and can be avoided by even those who do not have acne to stay fit.


4. Fast food

FAQs of foods that causes acne

Burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and French fries have become a regular part of our diet. They are the perfect on-the-go foods and are loved by pretty much everyone. Rich in trans fats, regular consumption of fast food can lead to acne. The high levels of unhealthy fats, carbs and sugar make fast food a deadly combination for not just your skin but also your health. It lacks nutrition and should therefore be replaced by healthier homemade foods. Simple foods like a bowl of vegetables, chapati, dal and rice are packed with nutrition and are easy to digest.


5. Coffee

FAQs of foods that causes acne

We know you are not going to believe us and will continue to live in denial, but it’s true! If you want to get clear skin, you might have to give up on your morning latte that really wakes you up and gets you going. The reason you feel fresh and awake after your morning cup of coffee is because it pumps up your cortisol levels. A rise in cortisol levels puts your skin glands into overdrive, leading to the production of excess oil. Therefore coffee is definitely a food for acne. Opt for green tea or herbal tea instead, it will detox your body and also help clear skin.


6. Chocolate

FAQs of foods that causes acne

Chocolate has long been suspected as a cause of acne, but in reality it isn’t. The sugar and milk that is used in pastries, cakes and waffles is what is unhealthy for your body and skin. Sweets can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, which is not good for the body. The best way to include chocolate in your diet is by opting for dark chocolate. Pick one that has at least 70% cocoa, as dark chocolate is in fact, rich in antioxidants which is beneficial for your body and skin.


7. Antioxidant-rich foods

FAQs of foods that causes acne

Consuming antioxidant-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries, citrus fruits, etc., is one of the best ways to reduce and prevent acne. This is because these foods help in reducing the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress in your body to heal existing acne and prevent the appearance of future acne.


FAQs about Foods that cause acne:

FAQs of foods that causes acne

1) What foods help clear my skin?

A. While there are foods cause acne, there are also some foods that can be included in the diet to get clear skin. This includes bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, walnuts and more. Fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are also beneficial in helping clearing acne.

2) What can I drink to get clear skin?

A. We all know that fast food, dairy, and refined sugar are foods that cause acne, but did you know some drinks can actually help clear out acne as well as prevent breakouts. Include green tea, red wine, coconut water, tomato juice and aloe vera juice in your diet.

3) Which foods trigger hormonal acne?

A. Foods with a high glycaemic index can trigger hormonal acne. To prevent this, avoid foods like white bread, pasta, white potatoes, white rice and breakfast cereals.

4) Which foods cause clogged pores?

A. One of the reasons why acne and pimples pop up on your face is because your skin pores are clogged. Certain foods can cause the pores of your skin to get clogged. Chips, soft drinks, pastries and cookies are some foods that can cause acne because of the higher levels of carbs and sugar in them.

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