You’ve probably felt totally heartbroken if you’ve had the tragic misfortune of finding out your favourite blush or eye shadow is broken. Unintentionally smashing your powder, highlighter, blush, eye shadow or breaking your lipstick is a…well… “shattering” feeling—especially if it’s new—and the chances of salvaging your broken makeup are slim.

But did you know that you can fix broken makeup in just three steps? Read on to find out…

What you’ll need

To fix your broken makeup, you’ll need a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol.


Step 1: Completely break your cracked makeup

Step 1: Completely break your cracked makeup

That’s right, in order to fix your broken makeup, you’re going to have to break it even more. Grab a cotton swab, and knock it against your makeup, so the product is completely broken and is in crumbles.

Once it’s broken use the swab to spread it across, evenly.

Step 2: Flatten the makeup

Once your broken makeup has been evenly distributed across its niche add some rubbing alcohol to the broken powder and make a paste of it. Then spread the makeup back into the pan, similar to the original shape and wait for it to dry. This method won’t guarantee an excellent finish, but hey, it does the job.

Step 3: Clean the edges from the makeup pan

The third and final step of fixing your broken makeup merely requires you to clean up the stained edges of the pan. You could do this with a damp cotton swab or a makeup remover wipe—the choice is all yours. Once this is done, you’ll have succeeded at bringing your makeup back from the dead!