5 Most Bizarre Eyebrow Trends Ever

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurApr 27, 2018
5 most bizarre eyebrow trends ever
Eyebrow trends—where do we even begin? Instagram is home to some of the wackiest makeup minds who have taken experimenting with their brows to a whole new level. This story brings to you a roundup of some of the most bizarre eyebrow trends (most of which went viral) that will surely make you cringe!

Squiggle brows

Fishtail brows

Squiggle brows is where it all began—Instagram was filled with different versions of these squiggly (and annoying) brows at one time and this trend also made it to our list of the most cringe-worthy makeup trends of 2017!


Feather brows

Fishtail brows

Just when we were getting over the traumatic squiggle brow trend, feather brows started doing the rounds on the internet—everyone was writing about them, trying them out and some exceptions even loved the trend. We can only wonder how!


Stiletto brows

Fishtail brows

Bizarre eyebrow trends were taken a notch up (literally), with stiletto brows—we don’t even want to get into the technicalities of how this absurd trend was created. We hate to say it but that high heel looks quite neat.


Halo brows

Fishtail brows

This is the newest cringe-worthy brow trend that joins the outer corners of the brows forming a halo on your forehead. We don’t know what to feel rn.


Fishtail brows

Fishtail brows

And finally, fishtail brows! These mermaid inspired brows are drawn by creating a split at the arch—top side of which is flipped upwards and bottom side, downwards. The internet surely thinks this is a bizarre AF brow trend and we’re sure you will agree.

Image credits: Instagram, glamour, revelist, allure, journalpost

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