6 hacks to get dewy skin with makeup

There was a time when flawless, matte skin was something everyone wanted—but today; it’s all about glowy, luminous and dewy skin! Unfortunately, not all of us have that natural glow from within. But guess what? You can totally achieve it with some easy makeup hacks. Scroll down to know more…
Start with a clean surface to achieve dewy skin

Start with a clean surface

Before you begin your makeup, make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed, toned and moisturised for the makeup to sit well. Use a hydrating cleanser, alcohol-free toner and a light-weight, gel based moisturiser for best results.

Use Foundation and Facial oil to achieve dewy skin

Foundation + Facial oil

Once your skin is well-prepped, it’s time for foundation. Take about 3-4 pumps of your foundation on your foundation brush (remember to not go overboard with it as it might look cakey—it needs to look like second skin and not a layer). Then, lightly dip the brush in your favourite facial oil and buff the product right in—this will give you a luminous finish at once without having to layer too many products on your skin.

Use Highlighter to achieve dewy skin


You can’t do dewy skin without a touch of highlighter—but don’t go all out and blind people with an ultra-reflective sheen on your face. Use a low-density brush such as a fan brush to dust it lightly on the high points of your face. Remember, you need a teeny tiny amount of product as you’re applying it all over your face to create an illusion of overall dewy skin, so, a little goes a long way!

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Use Concealer to achieve dewy skin


If you have oily skin, mattify it first by using a primer. Next, dot some BB Cream all over your face and then go in with a brightening concealer that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone. Apart from your dark circles, apply it on the bridge and tip of your nose and center of the forehead for a dewy glow.

Face mist toachieve dewy skin

Face mist

Instead of setting your makeup with powder (which will make it look matte and sometimes, even powdery), spritz a face mist that helps lock in the moisture and maintains the glow!

written by on May 04, 2018


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