6 Mistakes you make while putting eye shadow

Whether you decide to keep your eye shadow simple, or go all out with smoky eyes, there are certain dos and don’ts you should follow when it comes to your eye makeup. It’s important to try and always do your best when you’re putting on eye shadow, as it is something that can single-handedly make or break your entire look. Now, you’re probably wondering if you’ve been doing your eye makeup wrong this entire time, aren’t you? Well, don’t fret—we’ve made a list of a couple of mistakes you could be making while putting on eye shadow, so you can avoid them in the future.
Skipping the primer

Mistake 1 - Skipping the primer

It is vital to use an eye shadow primer, or some type of base before applying powdered eye shadow, as it ensures a smooth and even look. Primer moisturizes your dry eyelids, acts as a magnet for the eye shadow pigment, as well as keeps the eye shadow from smudging, fading or creasing. And so, by using primer, you won’t have to worry about your makeup completely vanishing just couple of hours into a night out.

Mistake 2 - Doing your eye makeup last

We tend to do our eye makeup last, as it takes the longest. However, it’s best to do it first, as it gives you the chance to clean up any pigment that has made its way to your cheeks. By putting on your eye shadow before the rest of your makeup, you won’t have to keep re-doing your concealer every time there’s a speck of glitter somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Using the wrong brushes

Mistake 3 - Using the wrong brushes

Most makeup palettes come with a small plastic brush that has a sponge foam triangle on either end. These, however, do not work well when it comes to blending. Brushes with bristles are your best bet, as bristles are flexible, and help blend your makeup better. The all-over eye shadow brush, the blending brush, and the smudge brush are must-haves, as they ensure an effortless look.

Mistake 4 - Not blending enough

It is important to properly blend your eye shadow for a look that’s natural and effortless. If you don’t blend the pigment well, it may end up looking patchy. Brushes aren’t always required for blending, though—your fingers can do the trick too! For instance, for a smoky eye effect, you could apply liner to your lash line and waterline, and then smudge it with your index finger.

Putting too much product on your brush

Mistake 5 - Putting too much product on your brush

Too much product on your brush may result in the colour falling off your eyelids and landing all over your cheeks. This happens quite frequently with eye shadow that consists of glitter. In order to avoid this, you can take a little glitter onto a wet brush, and gently apply it over the desired areas. While using the regular eye shadow, give the brush a few taps to shake off the excess product.

Mistake 6 - Skipping your lower lash line

It can be quite a task to get eye shadow onto your lower lash line, but that doesn’t mean you completely skip applying eye shadow there. You can use a pencil brush, or a small tapered brow brush to do this. Blend the colour that you have used across the majority of your eyelid along the lower lash line, and then take it back up to the crease in a horizontal V-shape to complete the look.

written by on Mar 09, 2018


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