Different Ways To Apply Kajal

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurJan 13, 2022
Different ways to apply kajal

As a woman, we bet you can relate to the fact that on days when you don’t wear kajal, you get asked questions like, “Are you sick?” or perhaps “Did you just cry or are you having a bad day?”

Now, kajal is something that every woman owns and uses on a daily basis. Instead of wearing it like you normally do—one neat stroke on your lower waterline, why not experiment with different ways of applying kajal? You will be surprised at how many looks that you can create just with kajal. Scroll down to know more…

Different ways to apply kajal


Smudge it

Different ways to apply kajal

Apply a dense amount of kajal on the outer corner of your lower waterline and drag it slightly below the waterline. Immediately after that, smudge it outwards to create a light, smokey effect. You can also do this on your upper lash line and then join the two for a well-rounded effect. Finish the look with mascara.


Burst of colour

Different ways to apply kajal

What’s better than basic black kajal? Kajal with colour! Give your basic black kajal an upgrade with coloured kajal!

Different ways to apply kajal

We love Lakmé’s new range of Kohl Ultimate pencils from the Reinvent Nudes Collection which are available in gorgeous shades of purples, browns and blues, all of which go so well with Indian eyes!


Dramatic reverse smokey eye

Different ways to apply kajal

Smokey eyes have always looked good on everyone. But perhaps, it’s time to switch things up a bit? Give the upper eyelid a miss and opt for a reverse smokey eye instead. Apply a generous amount of kajal on your lower lash line and smoke it out. We love how strong and statement-y it looks, TBH.


Bold and winged

Different ways to apply kajal

Winged liner is definitely one of our favourite makeup styles when it comes to eye makeup—but it isn’t possible to get the perfect wing using liquid liner every time. So instead, use your kajal to draw a wing—it could be imperfect too as you will be smudging it eventually. Once the wing is drawn, start smudging it lightly such as the shape of the wing is visible and yet, a smudged effect is created.


Upper water line

Different ways to apply kajal

Applying a generous amount of kohl on your upper water line makes your eyes appear bigger and gives them dimension. Add a generous amount of mascara and finish. This is a great look to sport for a casual, everyday no makeup makeup look.

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