Ranked—The best beauty and makeup trends of 2017

2017 has been a revolutionary year for makeup! Keeping up with the number of trends that kept coming our way this year was a lot harder than keeping up with the Kardashians. While some stayed with us all the way till December there were some makeup trends that made us cringe hard. Here are some of best makeup trends of 2017 that we’re surely taking with us into 2018…
#1 - Sunset inspired makeup

#1 - Sunset inspired makeup

Beauty lovers all over the internet lost their chill over the sunset inspired makeup looks that became huge this year. Warm tones of oranges mixed with browns, burnt reds, purples and blacks were the key colours used in creating looks for this trend. Sunset makeup was easily the most warm, soothing and stunning makeup trend of 2017 and hence ranks 1st on our list!

Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette in French Rose and Royal Persia

Wish to create this look on your eyes? Use the bright orange and purple hues from Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette in French Rose and Royal Persia.

#2 - Floral eye makeup

#2 - Floral eye makeup

This trend embraced the beauty of flowers and how! You can call it an ode to one of the most loved seasons of the year–spring. Instagram was flooded with close-up pictures of eyes decorated with miniature flower petals and floral doodles filled with fresh, spring colours. For the sheer creativity that we saw on Instagram for this trend, it’s our second favourite.

#3 - Holographic Makeup

#3 - Holographic Makeup

Third on the list is the Holographic or iridescent makeup took the internet by storm this year. It came into light last year when holographic nail polish was a huge thing and slowly made its way into the world of beauty with stunning, light-catching elements and a palette with hints of pastels infused with metallic silver. We love!

#4 - <a href=Glass skin" title="#4 - Glass skin" width="600" height="400">

#4 - Glass skin

This Korean beauty trend that went viral this year is almost unachievable but that’s what makes it so intriguing. This trend was and is still a rage amongst many. We can’t blame them though, who wouldn’t want a flawless complexion like that?

#5 - Faux Freckles

#5 - Faux Freckles

For years, girls had been hiding their beautiful freckles under layers and layers of makeup. But now, evidently, the tables have turned. The faux freckles rage started when makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted a picture of Selena Gomez with faux freckles a few days before her song ‘Fetish’ was released. And that was it! Instagram went crazy over this trend! Not only did girls with real freckles begin showing them off, girls without them started drawing small dotted freckles over their face, and they look absolutely beautiful.

#6 - Neon Makeup

#6 - Neon Makeup

Or what we’d rightly like to call as the ultimate party makeup! Neon makeup trended earlier this year. Bright colours and the most important product of this trend–the white eyeliner can help create a neon-esque makeup look for you. UV makeup is also widely available.

#7 - Flare Highlighter

#7 - Flare Highlighter

Last but not the least–the flare highlighter! This highlighting technique is an extremely intense way of highlighting that it actually creates an illusion of a lens flare when a photograph is taken using a flash. Instead of a fan brush, this technique uses a damp eye shadow brush to place the product which intensifies the way the glow on your face looks!

makeup trend by using Lakmé Absolute Moonlit Highlighter

You can totally achieve this stunning trend by using Lakmé Absolute Moonlit Highlighter which will give your skin an enviable glow.

And that was the definitive ranking of some of our favourite makeup and beauty trends of 2017. These are the ones that stood out to us amongst the many trends that came up this year! Which one is your favourite?

Image credits: popsugar.com, indiatimes.com, brit.co, fw-daily.com, sweetyhigh.com, fashionisers.com, cosmopolitan.in

written by on Dec 07, 2017


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