The most cringe-worthy makeup trends of 2017

The makeup industry in 2017 has seen a lot of the good, the bad and the ugly. During the course of the year, did you come across the most random and bizarre beauty trends and cringed hard at them? Yes, we did too! As 2017 draws to a close, let’s check out some of these cringe-worthy makeup and beauty trends that we sure hope aren’t coming back…
Squiggle brows makeup trends of 2017

Squiggle brows

Squiggle brows were going viral on Instagram and we just couldn’t figure why. While thick, unruly and bushy brows remain our favourite, beauty blogger Promis Tamang thought of creating this questionable eyebrow trend which confused the internet. But like any other trend, people went all out and tried these carefully drawn squiggle brows and made it a thing. Our verdict? Ranks very much on the top of the cringe-worthy chart.

Furry lips makeup trends of 2017

Furry lips

What is this makeup trend exactly and whoever thought of it? Furry lips began trending in the beginning of 2017 and people had questions. But you know what they say about trends; they come and they go. And we’re really hoping that this trend has gone for good and will never make it to our Insta-feed again.

Nose hair extensions makeup trends of 2017

Nose hair extensions

Okay! We’re all for embracing body hair and all that but this is just too much. Why take so much effort in placing nose hair extensions inside your tiny nostrils? We can only imagine how badly the little hair can make you sneeze! This trend is the badly extended version of lash extensions that nobody wants. Totally cringe-worthy!

Feather brows makeup trends of 2017

Feather brows

Getting creative with brows went a tad bit far when people started trying out something called ‘feather brows,’ basically dividing them from the middle of the brow and setting them with gel, one section upwards and one downwards. Just like a feather! And we weren’t surprised when the Internet freaked out over this cringe-worthy trend because so did we.

Lollipop lips makeup trends of 2017

Lollipop lips

Sure, lollipops are fun to eat but are definitely not fun when recreated on your lips. Imagine eating three lollipops back to back in a messy manner that you get the candy all over your lips and mouth–that’s exactly what this trend looks like. Either that, or like someone punched you on your mouth and you covered it with gloss. Why would anyone want to look like that? Cringe max.

Hair nails makeup trends of 2017

Hair nails

We thought we had seen it all after long, pointy unicorn and bling nails began trending but obvio,we were in for a rude shock when this bizarre af trend showed up one fine morning. We don’t get the point of this and seriously hope this trend goes away for good.

Squiggle lips makeup trends of 2017

Squiggle lips

The squiggle saga continued with squiggle lips, a makeup trend that was extremely cringe-worthy. The trend is basically overdrawing and lining the lips extra in the form of a squiggle shape. In fact, people were trying the ‘full face squiggle makeup’ which consisted of the lips and brows together. Nope. Just, nope.

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written by on Dec 03, 2017


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