Every Kind Of Eye Makeup Brush You Need In Your Vanity

Written by Priyanka JaisingSep 20, 2018
From dramatic smokey eyes to gorgeous cat eyes, you can slay every kind of eye makeup style with the right brushes. However, with so many brushes out there, it can be quite a challenge to know what brushes you really need. Do you need every kind of brush there is? Or can you work with just one? To help you out, we’ve created a list of makeup brushes you really need:

Dense blending brush

Cut crease brush

If you’re looking to blend cream products, this is the brush you need. The dense blending brush is really handy for the smooth application of eye shadow base, as well as for blending out a shadow stick. However, this brush isn’t limited to creamy products. It also works extremely well when it comes to blending powder-based products.


Spoolie brush

Cut crease brush

This eye makeup brush isn’t meant for just combing your eyebrows. It can help with your eye makeup too. Did you know that you could kiss clumpy eyelashes goodbye with a spoolie brush? All you have to do is run the spoolie through your lashes before your mascara dries, and you’ll be left with lashes that look absolutely natural.


Winged eyeliner brush

Cut crease brush

Yes! A winged eyeliner brush exists, so you can now save time and trouble trying to draw perfect wings. This eye makeup brush is a little longer than the average angled brush, which makes it ideal for winged eyeliner. The tightly packed bristles work with all kinds of formulas, right from gel to powder, so you won’t have to worry about it not working with the eyeliner you already own.


Tapered, duo fibred blending brush

Cut crease brush

Looking to blend more than two colours of eye shadow? This eye makeup brush is what you want! As duo fibre brushes are less dense at the top, they’re perfect for blending any kind of product. By using light pressure around the brow bone, you can get multiple colours to seamlessly blend with each other—just the way you’d want them to for dramatic smoky eyes.


Smudge brush

Cut crease brush

Want to achieve the perfect smoky eye? By adding the smudge brush to your vanity box, you certainly can! This soft-bristled brush has short, tightly packed bristles that work fantastically when it comes to applying and smudging creams and eye shadow on your eyes, so you’re able to rock perfectly dramatic smoky eyes.


Cut crease brush

Cut crease brush

Have you ever struggled to neatly apply eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes? Well, you won’t have to struggle any more. The cut crease brush is a fine, round, flat brush that helps apply eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes without making a mess, and leaving your face looking like a piece of abstract art.

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