Do’s And Don’ts Brides Need To Keep In Mind While Wearing Falsies

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 04, 2018
Do’s and Don’ts brides need to keep in mind while wearing falsies

Mascara is the perfect finisher for any kind of eye makeup. But sometimes, mascara is just not enough! Especially for brides, no amount of mascara can help you achieve the drama you need in your eye makeup and that’s the reason all makeup artists recommend falsies. Falsies are not an everyday beauty ritual for most of us and if you’re a to-be bride who isn’t very familiar with having falsies on for long hours, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts you need to follow…



Know what you want

Don’t place them on the natural lashes

The market is full of tons of different falsies that can range from simple, natural looking ones to dramatic, long and voluminous ones. You need to see exactly which ones do you want and what looks best with the kind of look you’re going for. (example, dramatic, thick lashes for a night look versus natural, thin ones for a day look). If you’re doing your makeup yourself for any wedding function, make sure you buy all the variants available to try and see what works best.

Practice wearing falsies at least two weeks prior to the functions

Your makeup artist will do trials, do your makeup on the wedding day and leave. But you’re the one who has to sustain them! Wearing falsies can be a tad bit uncomfortable, as they might seem a little heavy on the eyes. You will constantly want to reach out to them and adjust them. To avoid this constant hassle and uncomfortable false lash weight, practice wearing them prior to the functions so that you get used to them by the time of the functions and they don’t feel uncomfortable!

Make sure there’s enough glue on the edges

Weddings or wedding functions go on for long hours and there’s barely any time for touch ups. If the glue isn’t applied properly, the edges of the lash can start to stick out and that’s definitely not flattering to look at. Avoid this by making sure there’s extra glue applied on the inner and outer edges of the falsies and allow the centre part of the lash to have the glue evenly distributed. This will ensure that your lashes stay bulletproof the whole day.


Don’t place them after applying the glue immediately

The glue needs to dry up a little (wait at least for 25-30 seconds) for the falsies to stick properly and go for long hours without moving or sticking out. If applied immediately, the lashes will stick but will come off within a few hours. So, especially for brides, this step needs to be kept in mind for long-lasting wedding makeup.


Don’t place them on the natural lashes

Don’t place them on the natural lashes

This is a really important step that you need to keep in mind! Sticking the falsies on the natural lash line will rip all your hair out when you remove them at the end of your long wedding day. Take extra care of your lashes and make sure the falsies placed on the skin of your eyelid closest to the lash line especially because you’re going to have them on all day, and night even!

Don’t forget to blend!

The point of falsies is to make them seem like they’re anything but false! The end result can absolutely not look fake which is why it’s really important to blend them in with mascara so it feels like one finished product. Finish it with curling them with an eyelash curler. Brides, you especially cannot skip this step as not blending the natural lashes with falsies will stand out immediately in pictures! You don’t want to look like you have two sets of lashes in your wedding pictures, do you?

You probably will opt for doing your makeup yourself for some functions like haldi, cocktail etc. and have a makeup artist on board for the main wedding and the reception. Either way, make sure these do’s and don’ts are followed for eye makeup that’s sure to turn heads!

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