It goes without saying that the beauty world has been obsessed with eyes—eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes—for about a year and a little more now. So it wasn’t a surprise that, just as 2017 came to a close, we had another eyelash trend thrown our way—glitter lashes. Well… if we’re talking about glitter taking over our lips and our lids, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t extend all the way to the eyelashes, right?

Here’s everything you need to know about this new eye makeup trend

Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Trend

First spotted at London Fashion Week at designer Ryan LO’s show in September, models wore pink glitter lashes to match the lace-heavy designs.

Fast forward to December, just in time for Christmas and New Year, international beauty bloggers added some extra sparkle to their eyes by loading up their eyelashes with glitter.

Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup

Inspired by tinsel that comes with the festive season, selfies with glitter laden mascara and long, glittery lashes in hues of gold and metallic blues, greens and pinks began doing the rounds.

Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Look

If you are willing to try this trend, one option is to use lash glue to stick skin-friendly glitter onto your lashes. The easier option however, is to invest in falsies aka eyelash extensions that come pre-loaded with glitter.

Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Trend Look

While we all agree that this is quite a bold trend, you can wear a more subtle version of it by putting glitter on just a few of your eyelashes (as seen above).

Remember though that if you’re amping up the drama with sparkles on your eyes, you’ve got to tone down the makeup on the rest of your face—just a hint of pink on your lips or your cheeks (but never both) should do the trick.

Image credits: Instagram - @ lauren_at_plush, @maccosmetics for Ryan LO, @insiderbeauty, @ tanyaguccionemakeupartist