A lot of us aren't blessed with long lashes. But thanks to falsies, our peepers can now look super glamorous with just the right amount of oomph.

The problem, though, is that they're expensive (not to mention addictive), and if you plan on wearing them daily, it may be a wise idea to learn how to clean and reuse them. And that's why, we're telling you about a genius cleaning hack to help you wear (and re-wear) those falsies multiple times.


1. Wash your hands

1. Wash your hands

While 90% of your job will be done using several other tools and products, there's still a 10% chance that will require you to use your hands directly. So, to avoid damaging your falsies and infecting your eye, be sure to wash your hands with soap before you start.

2. Remove the false lashes with care

No one promotes touching eyes or picking at them with bare hands. But while working with falsies, your best bet is to remove them using the pads of your fingers (and not your nails or tweezers), to avoid poking yourself in the eye.

To do this, grasp the outer edge of your falsies gently (but firmly) between your thumb and forefinger, and peel the band inwards. One swift movement and Voila! they'll be out.


3. Get rid of the glue

3. Get rid of the glue

The first thing you’ll notice when you take off those falsies is the gunky mixture of glue that’s stuck along the band. And if left unpeeled, it can harden and render your falsies useless.

So, to rip it off, hold the lashes by the base and use tweezers to gently tug at the dried glue. Keep at it until all the clusters are clean.

4. Clean them further

It can be very tempting to pick the remaining glue clumps on your real lash, but don't give in! Because if you do, you’ll end up pulling out your own lashes. Instead, use an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton ball to clean those natural flutters.

Work with the same ingredients to remove the product build up on your false lashes. Place the falsies on a paper towel and use the end of a cotton swab (doused in remover) to rub off the dirt, mascara, and any leftover glue. In case of further remains, gently press the falsies between two soaked cotton pads, and let them air dry.

5. Time to secure them

Once dry, pop the lashes back on the half-moon trays. Next, press the band gently onto the curve to maintain shape, and always make sure that the sweep of hairs is going up.

Finally, toss the half-moon trays in snap-shut plastic containers and store your falsies safely, until you need them next.

Follow these steps and you've got yourself two good-as-new false lashes, without spending a single extra buck. So now there's no reason why a great pair of falsies should only be a single-serving product.