Eyelash extensions have been trending for a while now. The trend that originated in South East Asia has a big following abroad and is slowing making its way to India as well. Of course, when you could do away with applying mascara every single day and instead just have lash extensions do the work for you, why wouldn’t you want to try them out, right? If you’re thinking of getting them or have got them already, here’s a quick guide on everything you’ll need to do to care for them and ensure they last long…

How to make your lash extensions last long

  1. Keep them clean

    Extensions tend to trap debris from the environment, increasing the risk of infections. Hence, it is important to keep your extensions clean by using a gentle cleanser every day.
  2. Oil them

    You might think keeping your lash extensions dry might be the way to go but they actually need a wee bit of oiling to stay flexible; a drop of baby oil every once in a while should do the trick!
  3. Go minimal

    Now that your lashes are so undeniably transformative, you don't really need to wear any other eye makeup. However, if you do feel the need to double up the drama and wear mascara, use it only on the tips of the extensions. In addition, steer clear of waterproof eye makeup since that will loosen the adhesive and shorten the life of your extensions.

    While removing your eye makeup, use a cleansing wipe instead of placing cotton pads over your lids.
  4. Comb it out to keep them defined

    Just like your beautiful, long locks, your extensions need some brushing as well. Use a spoolie to comb them out regularly and keep them from crisscrossing.
  5. Invest in a lash treatment

    If you don't have strong, natural lashes, consider trying a lash treatment prior to your extension appointment. The stronger your natural lash, better the chances of your extensions lasting longer.

    It’s also a good idea to discuss the weight of your extensions with your stylist. The appropriate weight will not weigh your natural lashes down and keep your extensions in good health.
  6. Avoid excessive rubbing and keep your hands off them

    Remember, if an extension looks out of place, do not play with it, twist it or pull it out. You will only risk losing your natural lashes.

    Finally, do not attempt to remove those extensions yourself. Let the professionals do their job.

    So, go ahead and flaunt those fab lashes!