A stunning bridal outfit, jewellery, hairdo and makeup contribute to making you exceptionally gorgeous on the most important day of your life. However, you bridal makeup ties the whole look together which means it requires a whole lot of planning. It can make or break your look, therefore, it is important to go for trials before the day of the wedding. Remember that lack of planning can lead to major makeup faux pas, last minute stress and a lot of chaos. In order for your big day to run smoothly without any last minute confusion, you need to ensure that you’ve planned your makeup well in advance. Wondering how to do that? Scroll down to find out...


1. Consider Your Theme/Traditions

Bridal Makeup On Wedding Theme

If you have a wedding theme, remember that your makeup needs to go with the theme. If you’re having a beach wedding, the makeup needs to be in sync with the location and theme. Moreover, you need to ensure that your makeup and wedding outfit go hand-in-hand. So make sure you take time out to consider all these things before you actually buy/decide on your makeup look.


2. Bengali Bridal Makeup

Bengali Bridal Makeup

While thinking bridal makeup you also need to consider the fact that Indian weddings are all about traditions and customs so the bridal makeup differs based on these factors. For example, the Bengali bridal makeup will be very different from a south Indian bridal makeup. The bridal eye makeup of a Bengali bride is the focus of her look, therefore look for an expert who will give you the perfect bridal look.


3. Keep a budget

Wedding Veil Bridal Makeup

You need to plan way back in advance, which means zeroing in on a budget is crucial. Keep a budget for the makeup you will purchase for your trousseau and how much you’re willing to spend on your makeup artist. Meet the artist in advance to discuss your skin type and the kind of makeup that will work for you. If possible go for makeup shopping with your makeup artist to get the right shade of foundation, lipstick and the likes.


4. Bridal Makeup Artists

Bridal Makeup Artists

Also, ask the artist to show pictures of their previous works, if possible take a look at different bridal looks of several different makeup artists. If the artist’s specialisation is Christian bridal makeup and you’re looking for a Rajasthani bridal makeup then a trial session becomes vital. Don’t hesitate to demand one. Having said that, don’t rush into things— this is the most important day of your life, do your research and then go for who you will genuinely be comfortable with. Alternatively, you can ask a makeup savvy or trusted friend with exceptional makeup skills to help you look your best.


5. Consider the type of makeup

Bridal Makeup Foundation Products

You will be wearing heavy makeup for a long time, the flashlights, focus lights and moisture can easily melt away the makeup you spent hours perfecting. With so many rituals and traditions that follow one after the other there’s hardly time for a breather or to touch up your makeup in between rituals. Therefore ensure that you only invest in waterproof makeup which will stay put until the end of the day. Take special care while buying eye makeup, one or two emotional moments are enough to ruin that perfect smokey eye look within seconds. If you get teary eyed or sweaty just dab on it lightly instead of wiping it off.


6. Go easy on colour

Bridal Makeup Colours

Select a few colours that complement your outfit and stick to them. Choosing different vibrant shades will make you look like a disco ball and is not recommended for a wedding look. Stand out by wearing a stunning eyeshadow shade and a stylish lip colour but don’t go overboard with colours on your face and end up looking like a rainbow.


7. Know what you’re comfortable with

Falsies Bridal Makeup

If you’re not comfortable with a certain kind of makeup tool/product, don’t spend your money buying it. For instance, many brides suffer after wearing falsies. You know your skin best, to discuss in advance the sensitivity of your skin and the products you’re allergic to. You don’t want to end up with rashes or irritated skin on the day of your wedding or the days following it. So even if your makeup artist persuades you, remember that it’s your day and you need to be comfortable wearing something for long hours.


8. Keep extra time in hand

Keep Extra Time For Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup often takes at least 2 hours because you need absolute perfection. But you need to ensure that you have a lot more time in hand. Call your makeup artist at least 3 hours before you head out for your wedding. Account for last minute changes—the cat eye might go wrong, your lip colour might change, your hair won’t set etc. Also, consider the location where you want to get ready, will it be at the venue itself, at the salon or at your home. This will give you an idea as to how long the whole procedure will take and plan accordingly.


9. Remember cameras

Bridal Makeup Looks on Camera

There will be all sorts of cameras taking pictures from every angle. No we are not trying to make you conscious but during your trial bridal makeup session make sure you take pictures to see how the makeup looks on camera. Whether it’s a selfie or a digital picture, it will give both you and your makeup artist an idea as to what changes need to be made. Take the time of wedding into consideration too. If you’re getting married during the day there will be tons of natural light that can make you look washed out. Foundations with SPF factor have a tendency to look chalky in pictures so instead apply a matte sunscreen and then top it with a foundation if you’re going to step out in the sun.


10. Keep references ready on your phone

Research References of Bridal Makeup

While you do your research for a makeup look, remember that what you might have zeroed in on may not suit your skin tone/eye shape. Of course, you had a trial session but staying prepared never hurt anyone. So make sure you keep three best references ready and ask your makeup artist/ makeup expert on what will suit your eye colour, eye shape, face shape, etc.


11. Insist a makeup trial

Bridal Makeup Trial

All the above factors may have made you realise the importance of having a makeup trial session days in advance to ensure nothing goes wrong at the last minute. Insist on a makeup trial if your makeup artist isn’t offering one and spend this day for trial and errors. Try on a completely different look or something very simple makeup, tag some bridesmaids along to help you decide what looks best. However, below is a list of do’s and don’ts so that you don’t leave some major bridal makeup decisions for the D-day.



Bridal Makeup Hairstyle

  • Makeups artists generally charge for a makeup and hair trial unless they’re someone close to you. So get clarity on it to avoid last minute confusion.
  • As a bride it is important to consider your likes and dislikes, tell your MUA the features you want to enhance and those you wish to hide. This is also a good time to discuss your skin type and the type of makeup that suits your skin.
  • There are several different types of making techniques available, most brides opt for airbrush makeup or HD makeup. If you don’t know the difference between the two ask your MUA.

Punjabi Bridal Makeup

Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup

  • Whether you’re looking for Punjabi bridal makeup look or Maharashtrian bridal makeup, the outcome you and your MUA have in mind might be different. Take references from Pinterest and other websites to give them some clarity.

Bridal Outfit and Jewellery Trial

  • Wear your bridal outfit and jewellery at the trial or at least the jewellery and a similar colour outfit to see if the whole look gets tied together.
  • Dupattas and saree drapes are just as important to bring your whole look together, so don’t forget to carry one on the trial day.

Check Yur Bridal Makeup Indoors Outdoors

  • Plan the trial time in a way that it allows you to check your makeup indoors as well as outdoors under natural daylight before finalising the look.
  • It is okay to imagine your makeup look in a certain way however your MUA comes with a lot of experience allow her to experiment a bit. You never know she may present you with something way better than what you had in mind.

Well Groomed Bridal Makeup

  • As your wedding is approaching it is essential to stay well groomed at all times, don’t wait until the last week to get your eyebrows and upper lips done. At the trial, these things will make a difference. So no matter how quickly your hair grows, schedule regular grooming appointments.
  • Now is the time to have some fun with your bridesmaids, apart from long spa sessions and bachelorette parties take them along for the trial and take their opinion if you get confused.
  • Remember the trial session is happening because you want to convey exactly what you want to your MUA. Don’t hesitate to tell them if you’re not okay with how the makeup looks. Now’s the time to be completely honest.

Suggest Falsies Bridal Makeup

  • Has your makeup artist suggested something you’ve never tried before? For example falsies? See how it works for you, does it feel comfortable? If not ask your MUA about alternatives.

Bun Hairstyle Bridal Makeup

  • While you’re at it don’t just stick to makeup, get a hair trial too. For example, if you’re trying on a south Indian bridal makeup, the MUA will probably put hair extensions to give you the traditionally long braid. If it’s not comfortable you can always go for a bun.

Take Pictures From Different Angles

  • Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of the makeup right after the session. Let it stay for some time, take pictures from different angles and lights. Look for details; does it leave a white cast anywhere? Does the foundation colour match your skin tone and so on.


Beautiful Elegant Bridal Makeup

  • Don’t keep a long duration between your bridal makeup trial session and your wedding. Anything more than a month may make you confused. Also, your skin undergoes a lot of changes so the longer the duration the more different will be the outcome.
  • Having said that your MUA is the expert and knows what will work for you, remember you have a say in this too. After all, it is your wedding! If you want to look a certain way to communicate it to her and make sure she takes it into consideration.

Bridal Eye Makeup

  • Some of us are blessed with naturally good skin don’t ruin it by putting heavy makeup just because it’s your wedding day. Instead enhance your features by contouring, wearing a great bridal eye makeup and a stunning lipstick.

Nude Bridal Makeup

  • Nude makeup is latest trend in Indian bridal makeup, courtesy Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma. While it’s great to stay in trend also remember that it may not go with your attire. Keep the lips nude and go heavy on the eye makeup to balance it out.
  • The duty of your girl gang is to help you take the right decision, don’t let them confuse you. The more people at the trial the more chaos and confusion. Only take a few cousins and close friends who you trust.

Shimmer Bridal Eye Makeup

  • Wedding does mean a little shimmer here and there but don’t go overboard with shimmer. It can make your face look greasy plus reflect the flash lights and ruin your precious photographs. If your MUA is using shimmer on your face ensure that it is working in your favour.

Bridal Makeup Don't Forgot Your Neck and other Areas

  • If your MUA is only concentrating on your face and completely forgot your neck and other areas that will be displayed, you probably chose the wrong person. A good makeup artist will focus on everything your jawline, collar bones, neck and back to ensure the complexion looks even. At the trial mention it in case your MUA skips these areas.